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Researchers Find the Key Element for Future Electric Cars

Electric vehicles (EVs) have been deemed as the future of transportation with their gradual penetration in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. With companies like Tesla strengthening their foothold in the global market, it has become inevitable for other automobile manufacturers to enter this growing and highly lucrative market. Although electric vehicles have been used for […]

How To Find the Best Logistics Company for your Needs

Nowadays, successful e-commerce cannot be imagined without good logistics. Their services are needed from the supply chain management to order fulfillment. However, e-commerces are certainly not the only businesses that could not be imagined without the help of a proper logistics partner. Many companies in the healthcare industry, for example, couldn’t have survived the competition […]

Refrigerated Transport Market – Industry Insights & Analysis

Rising demand for frozen food throughout the globe is a major factor driving the growth of the market for refrigerated transport. Increasing technological advancements and globalization have boosted the demand for cold chain transportation and distribution techniques for perishable commodities requiring controlled temperatures. This, in turn, has surged demand for refrigerated transport, to ensure sustained […]

What’s Driving the Autonomous Car Market

Autonomous Car Market Autonomous cars, also called driverless cars, self-driving cars, robot car or autonomous vehicles (AVs), are vehicles that are able to navigate to a predetermined destination without the help of human guidance. Incorporation of advanced vehicle systems such as ADAS, AEBS, comprehensive vehicle tracking systems, remote-controlled systems, and advanced vehicles to everything connectivity […]

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