Job Details

Consultant L1- ICT

Number Of Positions : 2  ,   Location : Pune  ,   Posted Date : 2021-05-27

Position: Consultant L1

Domain: ICT

Experience: 2.5-3 years experience in Market Research only

Qualification: BE in Computers/Information Technology/Automotive, MBA

Required Expertise: Market Engineering, Market Sizing & Trend Calculation and Forecasts, Analytical skills

Job Description:

  • Imply qualitative and quantitative techniques to interpret data and built substantiate recommendations for the forecast period
  • Formulate Market Engineering (ME) and conducted interviews with industry experts
  • Mentor associates as per the client requirements to generate reports during the tenure.
  • Build market statistics and forecast models based on current and future market dynamics
  • Authored reports related to ICT sectors
  • Worked in co-ordination with team in case of short turnaround time projects
  • Solve inbound queries related to the ICT domain
  • Create proposals and table of contents in order to help sales team to drive sales
  • Manage, supervise and quality check (QC) market research multiple projects
  • Map industries for recent developments and identify emerging technologies/topics for in-house research
  • Identify market segments, estimate consumer demand and position products by conducting in-depth data analyses using traditional and advanced methods
  • Summarize competitive landscape, strategies, product positioning, & market shares of key players
  • Managing a team of Associates/Trainees.

Skills required:

  • Primary & Secondary Research (B2B) and analysis
  • Good communication and analytical Skill
  • Sound Knowledge of Excel, PPT and Word
  • Market Sizing & Trend Calculation and Forecasts
  • Market Segmentation on the basis of Regions Market, and Product Types
  • Company Profiling
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Data analysis and Validation
  • Project Scoping
  • Report Writing
  • Team Player
  • Porters Five Forces Analysis, PESTLE analysis, Value Chain Analysis, etc.