10 Nonprofit and Fundraising Trends for 2023 and Beyond

Oct, 2023 - by CMI

10 Nonprofit and Fundraising Trends for 2023 and Beyond

As we march forward in 2023, the nonprofit sector is transforming rapidly. Driven by technological advancements, changing donor expectations, and a diversifying income landscape, new trends are shaping how organizations fundraise and operate. 

These developments can be seen in everything from the methods used to solicit donations to how supporters are engaged and recognized. This article will offer an insightful peek into some of the most compelling nonprofit and fundraising trends past 2023 that you won't want to miss!

10 Nonprofit and Fundraising Trends for 2023

If you’re looking to capitalize on nonprofit and fundraising trends for 2023, look no further. We have the information you need to get your business up-to-date on the latest fads.

1. The Growing Use of CRMs

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is becoming increasingly popular in the fundraising and nonprofit space. A Nonprofit Tech for Good 2023 report found that 67% of nonprofits use CRMs to manage communications, track donations, and organize data.

With that said, not all CRMs are made equal. If you want to get software with top nonprofit CRM features, you’ll need to compare each option until you find one that suits your needs.

2. Taking Digital Wallet Payments Online

In 2023, accommodating digital wallet payments is a must for your nonprofit organization. As technology moves fast, so does the way people prefer to process transactions. 

By integrating digital wallet payment options like Apple Pay or Google Wallet into your online payment system, you’ll meet modern donors' expectations and also increase convenience for them. This allows for quick, hassle-free donations and significantly boosts the donor experience. 

3. Using Card Readers at Nonprofit Events

Embracing cashless giving at nonprofit events in 2023 will be pivotal for the event's success. Integrating card readers into your fundraising plans can simplify the giving process. 

Potential donors may not carry cash, but they likely have a card on hand. By allowing point-of-sale transactions with portable card readers, you expedite the donation flow while also adding a layer of security to transactions that donors will appreciate.

4. SMS and Text-Based Mobile Donates 

Engaging donors is all about convenience and immediacy, which is predominantly seen through the rise of SMS and text-based donations. Nonprofit organizations are turning to text-to-give campaigns where a text message from a supporter's smartphone can result in a donation. 

This approach leverages the fact that virtually everyone has their mobile device within reach throughout the day. It promises an immediate response and supports impulse giving.

5. Diversifying Streams of Income

By exploring multiple channels, such as individual donations, grants, corporate partnerships, and even product sales, you can mitigate the risk of revenue dip. These different avenues bring in funds and also engage varied donor groups, thereby broadening your supporter base. 

A mix of income sources will help your organization maintain stability and sustainability—even in times of unforeseen circumstances or turbulence. Don't put all your eggs in one basket!

6. Playing Video Games for a Cause

Another exciting fundraising trend gaining momentum in 2023 is charity gaming or "game-for-good" initiatives. Involving video game platforms and their enigmatic communities presents an innovative way for nonprofits to attract new, younger donors. 

By hosting online gaming marathons and livestream events, you can tap into a massive global audience who'll happily "play for a cause." This promotes your cause to a wider demographic. 

7. Privacy Controls Promote Targeted Ads

Enhancing data security builds trust with your audience, which is important, but privacy controls also allow you to analyze donor behavior. You can create more accurate user profiles and deliver targeted advertising that resonates with specific demographics or interests. 

This way, rather than flooding potential donors with irrelevant content, you can share personalized appeals likely to inspire action. Targeted content also reduces donation fatigue.

8. Showing How Donations are Used

Trust is a key ingredient in effective fundraising. Showing donors how their contributions are used is becoming not just appreciated but expected. Whether you're building schools, providing medical aid, or planting trees, share the process and progress with your supporters. 

Provide engaging updates with images and real-life accounts that show your efforts bearing fruit. This active demonstration fosters transparency and trust in your organization.

9. Celebrating Everyday Philanthropists 

The spotlight in philanthropy is not just on the grand donors. It should also be on everyday philanthropists who contribute consistently. Their regular support collectively makes an impact. 

Nonprofits are recognizing this by celebrating these everyday heroes with personalized thank-you notes and spotlight stories, underlining the message that every contribution matters. This approach is all about building strong, lasting relationships with your donor base!

10. Giving Donors a Real Say

An important trend gracing nonprofits is giving donors a real say in the organization’s work. By involving donors in decision-making processes or seeking their input on projects or initiatives, you send a strong signal that their contributions extend beyond the financial level. 

This strategic engagement builds deeper connections between the donor and your cause. It empowers your supporters and fosters a sense of belonging beyond transactional relationships. 

In Conclusion… 

Taking on board these fundraising and nonprofit trends in 2023 positions your organization for success amidst the evolving philanthropic landscape. By embracing new tech, engaging donors, and diversifying your income sources, you can ensure that your mission continues to thrive.