Dashboard For Marketing Executives: 2 Features And 3 Benefits

Dec, 2022 - by CMI

Dashboard For Marketing Executives: 2 Features And 3 Benefits

Business owners are always looking for ways to improve their operations, with the end goal being efficiency. On the other hand, innovators and developers keep finding solutions to meet the needs of businesses. One such solution is the use of dashboards.

A dashboard is a tool that gives a visual display of company data, allowing executives to make informed decisions through comprehensive analytics. The executives and management teams benefit from these features as they make decisions for the business.

Are you looking to adopt a dashboard for your company? You should know a few things to help you better use the tool. 

Features Of An Executive Dashboard

  1. User Experience

User experience refers to how a user interacts with and the experience they get when using a given tool, in this case, a dashboard. An ideal executive dashboard ensures a great user experience.

Pick a dashboard where everything is organized and easy to find. Oftentimes, simple is best and less is more. A clear-cut navigation system, like a menu, will help your marketing executives find the data they need with fewer clicks.

A good user experience also emanates from the dashboard displaying clear and easy-to-understand visuals of your data.

  1. Sharing Features

In any business, collaboration and teamwork are essential, and these are attributes you’ve probably adopted in your business.

Dashboards for marketing executives have sharing options that make collaboration easier. Once the dashboard displays data and prepares reports, you can share this information with other relevant stakeholders, from the tool itself. In addition, you can share the documents in your preferred format, including pdf. Through this, you can keep clients in the loop regarding the progress of their projects.

Benefits of an Executive Dashboard

  1. Faster Decision Making

The executive team is often responsible for making crucial company decisions. Arriving at these decisions without the right tools can be hectic. You’ll find some opening one software after another to find relevant data to compare for decision-making. This approach is tiring and wastes a lot of time. Errors are also prone to happen, leading to bad decision-making.

However, a dashboard for marketing executives changes the narrative. It displays all your marketing metrics on a single platform eliminating the need to compare data from several sources simultaneously. Your marketing executives will find the data they need to make decisions within no time, making the process quicker. Errors greatly reduce since there’s minimal to no room for confusion due to data transfer from one tool to another. Read this article for more on this.

  1. Better Collaboration

An executive dashboard helps your marketing executives interact and work with other departments in your business. The marketing team shares their metrics and projections with the accounting team to finance their projects. Imagine a situation where each of these teams uses data from individual sources. This might result in conflict and misunderstanding; the accounting team’s data can project a lower figure than what the marketing team requires. The marketing team won’t realize their goals, hence conflict.

A dashboard for marketing executives prevents such conflicts. This dashboard allows the marketing executives to give access to the accounting executives. The access is often through permissions, in which they can restrict edits. With such access, all teams will rely on the same data to meet the others’ needs. There’ll be no cause for conflicts, ensuring better collaboration.

  1. Better Measure Of Performance

One of the secrets of business performance is monitoring operations. It helps you identify and rectify issues hindering progress.

Proper monitoring requires tools that make comparison easier while giving you data stories and reports to refer to for better understanding. One such tool is the dashboard for marketing executives.

As stated herein, the dashboard displays various marketing metrics that rely on real data. Therefore, when measuring performance, open the page that displays your numbers and reports, and compare the figures with your business goals. You can see whether you’ve achieved your business goals and how far you are from achieving them. This insight helps devise new ways to run operations for better goal achievement, among other solutions.


A dashboard is a great investment for your marketing executives. The discussion above highlights how you stand to benefit from the investment. However, you’ll only enjoy the benefits if your tool has the ideal features. These features are also discussed herein.

The features give you a checklist to help with the buying process of your dashboard. On the other hand, the benefits give you a reason to invest in a dashboard for marketing executives. Be sure to make the right decision for the benefit of your marketing team.