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Medical catheters are thin tubes made from medical grade materials. They can be inserted into a body cavity mainly to allow the administration of fluids, medications, gases, and to drain out fluids or urine from the body.  Catheters can be used to treat neurological, gastrointestinal, ophthalmic, urological, and cardiovascular diseases. A wide range of polymers is used for manufacturing of catheters, such as silicone rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, latex and nylon, polyurethane, and polyethylene terephthalate. Among all the polymers, silicone is considered as inert and unreactive to body fluids. The Micro guide catheter has various properties, such as hydrophobic coating with glide technology, stainless steel braid, which improves the tensile strength, responsiveness, and support for improved push ability to access and cross complex lesions with increased reliability. This is the main advantages of micro guide catheters over conventional one. Micro guide catheters can be used to treat vascular malformations, uterine fibroids, hyper-vascularized tumors, venal or pulmonary embolism, and arterial embolism.

Global Micro Guide Catheters Market Taxonomy

By types -

  • Over-the-wire micro guide catheter
  • Flow directed micro guide catheter

By therapeutic application –

  • Neurological
  • Urological
  • Cardiovascular
  • Ophthalmic
  • Gastrointestinal

By end user –

  • Hospital
  • Specialty clinics
  • Ambulatory service

Medtronic’s voluntary recalled for the affected products unit, distributed worldwide marked as major restraining factor

Maintaining the product quality is essential to avoid product recalls. Medtronic’s voluntary recalled many pipelines embolization devices, such as Alligator retrieval device, Ultraflow, marathon flow directed micro catheters, and X-celerator hydrophilic guidewire. This recall was conducted worldwide in 2016, due to potential separation and detachment of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating on the parts of flow directed micro catheters.

Modern micro guide provides many features over the conventional catheters propelling the growth of micro guide catheters market in near future

Conventionally, modern disposable catheters are mainly made up of polyurethane and are provided by manufactures in different sizes for adults and pediatrics. Most advanced catheters have a thin surface hydrophobic coating, which is smooth, slippery film making the catheters safer and more comfortable to insert. Bio-compatible catheters are being used recently, which is made of a polymeric material having titanium surface. It helps to improve bio-compatibility and enhance lubricity while surgery.

Increasing diseases and their surgical treatment options are fueling the growth of micro guide catheters market

Micro guide catheters has been used in various cardiovascular diseases (CVDS) treatments. According to World Health Organization (WHO) 2017, CVDs are the number one cause of death globally. An estimated mortality rates were 17.7 million in 2015. Increasing prevalence in low and middle income economies is a major factor fueling the growth of micro guide catheters market.

Major Key players operating the micro guide catheters market include Cardinal Health, Asahi Intec Co., Ltd, Cook Medical, Boston Scientific Corporation, Penumbra, Inc., Merit Medical Systems, Inc., Terumo Europe NV, Medtronic Plc, Integer Holdings Corporation, and Philips N.V.

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