Oneplus Entering The Android Tablet Market By Next Year

Nov, 2022 - by CMI

Oneplus is planning to launch its first ever android tablet next year.

Smartphone industry is a highly developing sector with intense competition. Many new brands are entering this sector with a hope to conquer the market one day. Initially there were certain subsectors choose by these brand to establish their speciality on. But these days every brand is seen introducing every product and accessory to make sure they do not lack behind in the race.

Oneplus, a smartphone brand founded on 16 December 2013, has established their space in smartphone market in no time. Initially they were only limited to smartphone making but as they made their reputation in the industry they have now spread their wings into other products such as smart TVs, TWS earphones and smart watches. Now Oneplus is planning to launch their first ever tablet. The company has already acquired the patent for the name Oneplus pad and according to sources the launch of their first pad is scheduled for next year. An online report has hinted that this tablet may price for around Rs 35000 for the 6 GB variant.

As Oneplus and Oppo have merged their operations in India, it wouldn’t be a shocker if OOneplus pad is nothing but a rebranded Oppo tablet. There are predictions made that Oneplus pad will be an newly named Oppo pad with Snapdragon 870 and 8360 mAh battery. Though Oneplus lovers and their loyal consumers are eager to see an entirely new device.
Tablet launching gossips of Oneplus are not new. Earlier this year there were reports of the first ever Oneplus pad launch. They suggested that the launch will be in middle of this year but a long silence from the brand itself erased all those rumours.