Possible Self Repair Assistant App From Samsung

Dec, 2022 - by CMI

Samsung requested the US Patent and Trademark office's permission to use the name "Self-Repair Assistant" for a mobile application.

Samsung's recent trademark application may have exposed the company's future ambitions for its Self-Repair programme. According to the trademark registration, Samsung seems to be functioning on a new mobile app dubbed "Self-Repair Assistant," with a stylized series of gears and wrench on a blue backdrop.

In the summer, Samsung started its Self-Repair initiative in the United States. The program's goal is to provide Galaxy device owners there in United States with phone components and equipment for do-it-yourself repairs. Samsung launched the Self-Repair service in collaboration with iFixit, which provides stated instructions, tools and components for dismantling and repairs.

According to the trademark application, "Self-Repair Assistant" is a "computer software application for mobile phones with self-installation maintenance of earbuds, mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches and it is intended to serve "information and consultancy services linked to self-installation and repair" for many types of mobile devices.

By similar words, Samsung might be building a mobile application which would serve as a Self-Repair client with additional information about how to maintain and repair their Samsung mobile devices. Instead of visiting the iFixit website. The aim of Samsung is to provide tutorials and other useful information via a specific mobile application named Self-Repair Assistant.

The Self-Repair programme of Samsung initially supported only a few devices, including the Galaxy Tab S7+, the Galaxy S21 trio, and the Galaxy S20 series and little has switched since then. The initiative continues to cover only these devices, but maybe the specialized Self Repair Assistant app will enable Samsung to improve on that list. Only time will tell, and the appearance of a trademark application doesn't really ensure the app's release. Nonetheless, if Samsung plans to enhance this software and ease the way for DIYers, it may be the next natural step.