Why More People Are Avoiding The Flu Shot

Oct, 2022 - by CMI

Things Americans are doing in its place and the reasons of avoiding flu shots.

Adults cited a variety of reasons for not being immunised this season, some of which are: 41% believe flu vaccines don't really work, 39% are worried about the adverse consequences of the vaccination, 28% claim never to contract the flu, 24% are worried they will catch the flu after taking the vaccination and 20% of people believe that influenza is not a serious illness.

"With Covid, influenza has been forgotten. According to William Schaffner, who is the medical director of NFID, there is another another dangerous winter respiratory infection that might harm you. He mentioned this during the conference. "Vaccination is the key to prevention."

The timing of the booster, omicron-specific and people's reservations about receiving both the revised Covid booster and the flu vaccine may have contributed to the changed strategy this flu season. According to the report, just 32% of American people believe that receiving the immunizations at the same time is safe.

The CDC acknowledges that doing so has shown to be safe. According to studies of more than 450,000 people, only minimal side effects are reported after having the vaccinations at the same time. Walensky adds that "most of them are addressed really very rapidly."

Walensky cautions that picking one immunisation over the other is not a good choice. Boosting your body's defences against both infections is beneficial.

She adds that purchasing them as a package is simple and secure: "You want to make sure you get both, and it's frequently more convenient to purchase them both at the same time."

Simultaneous Covid and flu vaccinations, common side effects often include: Pain where the injection was given or in the arm where it was received, and Flu vaccinations function.