Optical Transport Network combines the benefits of optical transmission and electrical processing to offer end-to-end, transparent pipe connections, enlarged spectral efficacy, and large-capacity transmission abilities for long-haul transmissions. The primary advantages of OTN network are Standard Hierarchy, Transport Capacity Expansion and decreased price.

Market Statistics:

The global optical transport network market is estimated to account for US$ 20.6 Bn in terms of value by the end of 2022.

Global Optical Transport Network Market: Drivers

The Middle Eastern region is also aiming on huge-speed internet that fuels the market growth. As per to Hootsuite and we are social, the count of internet users in Qatar amplified by 29 thousand betwixt 2020 to 2021 and showed a growth rate of 1%. With this, the country’s internet penetration stood at 99% in just January 2021.

Global Optical Transport Network Market: Opportunities

Merely housing DCO/ZR/ZR+ optics into routers doesn’t solve all of transport issues just yet. There is still the issue of multiplexing and amplifying these optics over longer distances. For this, an outer amplifier is fit to generally fuel up the composite signal of all DWDM interfaces to get end-to-end distance limits.

Global Optical Transport Network Market: Restraints

Ethernet may permit huge output usage from statistical multiplexing utilizing IHON (integrated Hybrid Optical Networking) mechanisms. Failing to cabinet such technologies for the continuously evolving digital changes over customers like IT and healthcare might drive the shift.

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Global Optical Transport Network Market - Impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

COVID-19 is expected to hinder 5G penetration notably. In this critical situation, consumers will not stop using mobile phones, but most of them will not be able to invest more in a technology that is still in a nascent stage. The decreased pace of 5G rollouts will affect the OTN market up to a certain extent.

Key Takeaways:

The global optical transport network market was valued at US$ 18.38 Bn in 2021 and is forecast to reach a value of US$ 44.95 Bn by 2030 at a CAGR of 10.2% between 2021 and 2030.

Optical Transport segment held dominant position in the global optical transport network market in 2021, accounting for 73.9% share in terms of value, increasing approval and launch of new products is expected to propel growth of the segment during the forecast period.

Global Optical Transport Network Market Trends:

Entities such as ADVA announced that it has been working on three research projects focused on significantly increasing the capacity of optical networks with the help of space division multiplexing (SDM) technology. The projects are partly funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), while the initiatives aim to transform optical transport systems by utilizing several parallel transmission paths.

The research will aim on new methods to handle the strong rise in data traffic while enduring to decrease cost per bit. Running for three years, the projects will grow and demonstrate solutions to allow the next cohort of huge-performance networks. Hence, the market is advocating quick advancements from sellers such as Cisco, Infinera, and Nokia to offer solutions that are highly scalable, compact modular, open, flexible, and converged.

Global Optical Transport Network: Competitive Landscape   

Major players in the global optical transport network market are Nokia Corporation, Ciena Corporation, Cisco Systems Inc., Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, ZTE Corporation, Fujitsu Corporation, Infinera Corporation, Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, NEC Corporation and Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Global Optical Transport Network Market: Recent Developments

In January 2022, Cisco collaborated with Datagroup, a telecommunications company, to approve a large-scale national project to modernize” the backbone of its internet network.  As per  the  Cisco,  the  new  Datagroup network  is  depedent  on  Cisco  Routed  Optical  Networking  and Converged SDN Transport solutions, which assist service suppliers build high-speed networks with greater security and dependency.


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