The global oyster shell calcium market was valued at US$ 12.50 million in 2021, according to Global Oyster Shell Calcium Market Report, by Grade (Food Grade and Pharmaceutical Grade), by Application (Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Personal Care Industry & Others (Animal Feed, etc.), and by Region (North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa), published by Coherent Market Insights.

The global oyster shell calcium market is expected to surpass US$ 18.95 million by 2030 exhibiting a CAGR of 4.8% during the forecast period (2022-2030). 

Oyster shell calcium are projected to remain a preferred choice among the pharmaceuticals and food industries, in the pharmaceutical industry oyster shell calcium is used as calcium enrichment supplement and in food industry it is used to increase the shelf life of food products like noodles, tofu, sausages, and fried chicken. Owing to their low price and easy availability through various channels such as oyster farming and waste generated from sea food restaurants, which discards oyster shell. Increasing oyster cultivations and government subsidies by the various countries such as china, India and Japan provided for the oyster farming are promoting the production of oyster shells for various end user applications such as in animal feed and in personal care industries. Oyster shells are a major and cheaper source of calcium carbonate. Animals need calcium carbonate for bone development, nerve function, and to produce milk and eggs. Calcium carbonate contains the element calcium. Feed that is grown on a farm such as cereals and cattle feed, is generally not sufficient to provide for all of an animal's calcium requirements. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, calcium is the essential dietary mineral for animals. Calcium is an essential component of bone, cartilage and the crustacean exoskeleton. Calcium is essential for normal clotting of blood, by stimulating release of thromboplastin from blood platelets. Incorporation of calcium in animal feed provides animals with better nutrition.

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Key Trends and Analysis of the Oyster Shell Calcium Market:

Among regions, Asia Pacific accounted for largest market share in 2021. According to the Coherent Market Insights report, Asia Pacific pharmaceutical market is the second largest in the world after North America. The region comprises developed countries such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Australia and emerging economies such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Philippines, China, and India. Moreover, some of the major key players in the oyster shell calcium market are present in the Asia pacific region such as Penglai Marine Bio-Tech co., ltd., Beihai Hahs Land Biotech Co. Ltd., Xian Olin Biological Technology Co. Ltd., and Weifang Noga Biochem Co. Ltd. Furthermore the best climate conditions for the oyster farming in the Asia Pacific region is driving the market growth for oyster shell calcium in the region. According to United States Government Publishing Office (GPO), Asia Pacific is region itself provides 79% of the global seafood and aquatic animal production. For these reasons Asia Pacific is the largest market for the oyster shell calcium.

Key Takeaways of the Market:

  • The pharmaceutical industry holds the second largest market share for application in global oyster shell calcium market in 2021, accounting for 27.67% share of the global market. This medication manufactured by the oyster shell calcium is used to prevent or treat low blood calcium levels in people who do not get enough calcium from their diets. the oyster shell calcium tablets are used to treat conditions caused by low calcium levels such as bone loss (osteoporosis), weak bones (osteomalacia/rickets), decreased activity of the parathyroid gland (hypoparathyroidism), and a certain muscle disease (latent tetany).
  • Calcium plays a very important role in the body. It is necessary for normal functioning of nerves, cells, muscle, and bone. During Covid-19 pandemic the demand for the calcium supplements are increased because people have become more health conscious after the covid-19 pandemic. According to the U.S. National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey in October 2021, over 50% of the US population reported about  consumption of calcium supplements during the pandemic for their physical and mental wellbeing. The trend is expected to continue across the world while innovation and technological advancement in the medical practices and pharmaceuticals will play an important role.
  • Major players operating in global oyster shell calcium market include Penglai Marine Bio-Tech co., ltd., Beihai Hahs Land Biotech Co. Ltd., Xian Olin Biological Technology Co. Ltd., Weifang Noga Biochem Co. Ltd., Avian Pro, Terravita Llc., Huber Engineered Materials, The Wright Group, Dr. Behr GmbH, Sudeep Pharma, Caltron Clays & Chemicals Private Limited, Astrra Chemicals, Calspar India, and Usha Chemicals

Global Oyster Shell Calcium Market - Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic 

The global oyster shell calcium market has been negatively impacted to some extent due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This can be attributed to the shortage of labor for the oyster farming facilities, lack of transportation facilities and closure of restaurants due to the strict government restrictions. There was a high demand from the pharmaceutical as well as animal feed industries for oyster shell calcium, however, due to the inconvenience in the supply chain and transportation for the industries were unable to fulfill the demand. However, resumption of international trade and easing of trade restrictions for the transport and traders are expected to generate demand for oyster shell calcium in the future years. Moreover, the easing of restrictions and reopening of restaurants, and other end-use industries are expected to boost demand for oyster shell calcium over the post-pandemic period.


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