10 Great Options for Employee Gifts This Holiday Season

Nov, 2022 - by CMI

10 Great Options for Employee Gifts This Holiday Season

The holiday season is finally here. It is the time to curl up in bed, get cozy, and travel. While you may look forward to eating delicious foods and exchanging gifts with your loved ones, you should remember your employees. This holiday season is your perfect opportunity to express your appreciation. Here are some of the best gift options for your employees.

1.  Gift Cards

Gift cards are at the top of most corporate gifting ideas lists. They are the most versatile gifts a company can give its employees. The best part of giving gift cards to your staff as holiday gifts is that they can decide how to use them. Your employees get a level of control over their gifts.

2.  A Care Package

Sending personalized care packages to each of your staff members is a beautiful way to interact with them over the holidays and ensure everyone receives something they enjoy.

Customizing the care packages ensures that every member of your team feels special. The packages could include products from your business, healthy snacks, and personalized notes. The ideal care package considers the specific needs of your employees.

3.  Food Gifts

It's difficult to go wrong with specialty food baskets gifts for the holiday. After all, everyone loves food. A significant benefit of this gift idea is that you can choose from a wide selection of snacks, treats, or fresh foods.

 Additionally, you can easily combine a food present with another item to make a premium holiday gift box.

A gift set of hot chocolate bombs for employees is a great idea. You could also offer fresh fruit baskets, baked goodies, or candy. Work with Successories to find the perfect package for your employees.

4.  Branded Jackets

Considering that we are nearing the cooler months, corporate jackets may be fantastic gift ideas. If they are branded, they can help your employees form a deeper connection with your brand.

Consider customizing the jackets with an employee's name, nickname, or favorite quote for a unique present. If you have any inside jokes, they could also be branded on the jackets.

Versatile and lightweight pieces are smart options as your employees can wear them all year round. Pick neutral colors or those that go well with your brand color.

5.  Personalized Desk Accessories

Everyone loves the idea of having a neat and clutter-free work desk. However, it can be challenging. The right desk accessories can make it possible. Custom desk accessories are great gifts for your employees. They can increase employee motivation and engagement.

6.  Flowers

Flowers are some of the most thoughtful presents for your employees. Anyone can appreciate the cheerful hues, lovely scent, and deeper meaning associated with flowers.

You can use flowers to express your sentiments instead of actual words. The right flowers can revive priceless memories or pass special messages. They can make an otherwise dull day memorable.

7.  Office Furniture

Employee productivity can be increased with the right office furnishings. Providing employees with a beautiful chair will ensure that they have a suitable workspace, even if they don't work on-site. Your team will be comfortable every day if you spend the money on this plush chair.

8.  Noise Canceling Earphones

Unwanted noise can make it hard for your team to concentrate on their work, especially if you have an open office. Therefore, it would be smart to give your staff good noise-canceling earphones. They improve productivity and can make the workspace more appealing for your team.

9.  Heated Blanket

Heated blankets make ideal gifts for employees who prefer to stay warm even during the coldest months. Having a warm blanket close by can make the workplace more bearable. Your staff members will love cuddling up in the blanket as they go about their duties.

10. A Work From Home Kit

Working from home isn’t always as fun and easy as it may sound. There are plenty of challenges to overcome. They include zoom fatigue, a potential lack of privacy, and loneliness.

Common challenges of working remotely can be overcome with the help of a work-from-home survival kit. The kit can include earplugs, a conference call bingo card, and webcam covers. You could also include snacks and comfortable clothes to complete the kit.This present is perfect for remote employees because it is both unconventional and useful.

 Guide for Giving Employee Gifts During the Holiday Season

When giving gifts to your employees, you do not want to seem like you are bribing them. In addition, you should seek to give meaningful gifts that they’ll appreciate over time. This, unfortunately, isn’t always as simple as it may seem. Here are a few tips to guide you.

Personalize Your Gifts

A personalized gift says a lot about you-the gift giver. It shows that you value the receiver and prioritize their needs. Personalization is one of the best ways to give a gift with a lasting impression. You don’t need to go all out with personalized gifts. You could do something as simple as attaching a personalized note to your gifts. Engraving your employees’ names on their gifts could be impactful as well.

Quality First

When giving gifts, do not compromise on quality. Set a budget and find the best gifts within your limits. Your gifts don’t need to be expensive. You simply need to make sure you are getting value for your money. The quality of your gifts affects your reputation.

Avoid Promotions

Your employees’ gifts should be all about them. Resist the urge to include promotions. If your gifts include promotions, your employees may question your motive. Put effort in finding meaningful gifts.

Be Appropriate

When gifting your employees, be careful to avoid crossing professional boundaries. Your gifts must remain appropriate. You don’t want to come off as rude, disrespectful, or too personal. This is an important consideration when customizing your gifts. When in doubt, consider taking suggestions from other employees.

Giving the right gifts to your employees should be at the top of your priority list, especially during the holidays. It is the perfect season to motivate your team and express appreciation. Take advantage of the above tips to give memorable gifts.