3 Effective Strategies To Boost Instagram Engagement

Jul, 2022 - by CMI

3 Effective Strategies To Boost Instagram Engagement

As more consumers go online, brands recognize the importance of digital marketing and connecting with audiences in the virtual world. One component of this is social media marketing, which refers to using social media platforms to market your brand to existing and potential customers.

Instagram is a prime example of a social networking site that brands and consumers widely use. It's a platform that allows users to connect by sharing photos and videos. Along with Instagram's millions of users, it's an excellent tool for brands as it offers a way to market their products and services visually. It’s worth noting that there are several ways to succeed in marketing your brand on Instagram, such as learning more about your audience through their profiles. You can go as far as download private Instagram videos to gather more information about your existing and potential customers.

Besides this, to market your brand on Instagram successfully, you'll also need to focus on another factor, such as user engagement. For Instagram, this refers to the number of likes, comments, saves, and shares your audience does with your content. That said, here are some effective strategies that you may employ to increase engagement on Instagram:

1.      Create Relevant And Relatable Content

The first effective strategy worth considering is to create relevant and relatable content. Not only will this draw your target audience to your brand, but it may also encourage them to interact with you. To better learn about your audiences so you can tailor your content to their needs and preferences, you may also want to view private Instagram profiles without following them as more and more people are valuing their privacy over the internet.

First, to create relatable content, you may want to consider adding some humor in the form of memes or jokes that are relevant to your audience. The demographic of your target market may have a different sense of humor than those outside their community. Besides this, you may also include and introduce the real people and their experiences with your brand.

Finally, in creating relevant content, you may achieve this by staying on top of the trends and keeping up with the conversations already happening amongst your target consumers. For instance, if your target market is Gen Z, you may want to share content relating to climate change to illustrate that your brand cares about it, too. Even better, you may want to consider starting a new conversation about topics you and your audience are passionate about, as this may encourage them to engage.

2.      Be Proactive And Responsive

Another strategy is to consider being proactive and responsive on Instagram, as these actions will prompt your audience to engage with your content.

There are several ways to be proactive on Instagram. One would be to use interactive stickers in Instagram Stories. These may mean using polls, question stickers, and more. This will let your audience interact and engage with your content besides the usual like, comment, and share. This is also a great way to gain more insight into your audience and show them that you care about what they think.

Another proactive way to increase your engagement would be to host giveaways and contests. To supplement this, you may use challenge stickers in Instagram Stories, but you may simply announce hosts and giveaways on a post.

Finally, a more straightforward way to increase engagement is to adopt a conversational tone and add calls-to-action in your posts' captions. Then, when your audience responds in the comment section, consider replying to their comments, as this will help them feel closer to your brand.

3.      Utilize Analytics

Consider taking advantage of Instagram analytics. Social networking platforms now often include analytics tools for influencers and businesses. These help them measure their content’s and campaigns' success, depending on their goals.

For instance, the analytics can show which post has gained the most engagement in terms of likes, saves, and shares. This can serve as feedback and tell you what you're doing right and what you may be doing wrong. It can also show which campaigns and content your audience prefers more.

Alongside this, another analytics feature shows the time your audience interacts with your posts. When you use this to see what posting time gains the most interactions, you may want to often post within that specific period.

 4.    Partner with a brand ambassador

You probably want brand ambassadors. Ambassadors are essentially cheerleaders for your brand — and people just love good cheerleaders. They maintain an ongoing relationship with both you and your followers, so that they can serve as a human face for your business. And people trust them! So don't be afraid to ask for help — chances are good that one of your fans will jump at the chance to represent you on social media or at events.


Digital marketing, especially social media marketing, has proven to be an effective and powerful marketing strategy. One particular aspect you may seek to utilize is Instagram marketing. However, if you wish to succeed in using this platform to broaden your reach, you need to maximize user engagement. Hopefully, the list above will help you boost and foster your business’s Instagram engagement.