A Complete Guide to Self Improvement

Nov, 2020 - by CMI

A Complete Guide to Self Improvement

What do we want out of our life? It may be a higher position in the office we work, willing to own a successful business, or having a loving relationship? When it comes to doing better in our lives, humans usually come up with some ideas to make ourselves feel better. No matter what we are doing in our lives, self-improvement must be a critical part that we should consider. It is self-improvement that leads us to our progress and happiness. One must understand that self-improvement does not mean changing ourselves, but it means bringing out a better version of ourselves. A person should be happy being the way he or she is and should realize the need for self-improvement which is not to change their own self but improving themselves. If you’re looking for a learning platform that is capable of transforming your life, then Mindvalley can be the right choice. You can check out the Mindvalley customer ratings to have an idea of its efficacy.

When it comes to self-improvement, often our efforts are in vain because we don't have any direction to better understand and achieve our goals. These results in us hoping for something better in our lives and not working for it. Therefore, when we aim to improve ourselves, we must find a direction to head in. This can only be achieved by creating an actionable plan and achieving the goals we set for ourselves. Here are two steps for self-improvement:

  1. Set a goal

While setting our self-improvement goals we must think about where we want to see ourselves in a year send it might be hard for us to think about what we want to accomplish. Once we are clear about what we want to accomplish we can look back and organized ourselves accordingly in order to attain that goal. For instance, if somebody wants to get a better position at work then they must take immediate actions such as enlisting for a study course, gaining certification, or completing several projects. Our focused goal helps us in setting the path for self-improvement. 

In order to improve ourselves, we should not hurry the process of achieving something huge, but take small steps which can lead us to the ultimate goal of our life. Also, it is important to start working immediately after setting our goals.

  1. Establishing our purpose

We must understand the purpose behind our goal and in order to do so, we must ask this question to ourselves. It is always easier to say that we want a better position or more money but if the reason behind these goals is not clear then the self-improvement ideas won’t be helpful. Therefore, one must understand the ultimate reason that brings the most fulfillment in life. It is the purpose that helps us to eventually improve ourselves. If one needs to excel professionally the reason behind this might be to provide better health and wealth to the family or attain more stability. It is our ultimate purpose that will help us face any challenges that come in the course of achieving our goals.

Some self-improvement tips

The following steps to various fields of self-improvement will show where to begin:

Relationship: We have different relationships with everyone in our life such as family, friends, co-workers, or romantic partners. They are the bedrock of our life. In order to deepen these bonds, we must be more present for our loved ones and try to listen to them more. This is the slightest we can do to achieve something great.

Career: This may be regarding a new business setup or achieving a better position at work. The first thing we must do is to understand our work better, connect with the mentor and workforce, learn new skills, and identify our strengths. Enrolling for a training course for attending training workshops and events can be of some help as well.

Health: Apart from career, relationships or any other field, health must be our greatest concern while improving ourselves. Self-improvement for our health does not mean getting into a perfect shape but it means to make our body better functional and more energetic. It is important for our body to function properly which ultimately strengthens our emotional, physical, and mental health. We must give ourselves some time every day for the betterment of our mental and emotional wellbeing. A small routine of daily exercise can help our physical well-being.

A self-improvement plan

Before setting a goal, we must understand why we need it. We need a self-improvement plan to know the areas of our lives that we want to improve. Here are some steps to successfully plan self-improvement.

  1. Get better clarity: We must understand where we are standing in the present and where we want to see ourselves in future. Also, we should know the major purpose of our goals. Once we are crystal clear with our wants and needs, nothing can stop us from achieving our goals. 
  2. Finding the right tools: Finding the right path to our goals is very important. After setting a goal, we can understand how we must progress to achieve it. If our goal is to achieve a healthier body, then we need to exercise daily and eat healthy. Therefore, our major tools can lead us to the right path and eventually achieve our goals. 
  3. Take immediate action: We must take immediate steps in order to put our self-improvement plan into action. Motivation is the key to our actions which helps us focus on our purpose. We must cultivate a sense of mindfulness that will help us to keep working towards our goals and also to face challenges.
  4. Measure our progress: We need to continuously assess ourselves and measure what we have achieved so far. For instance, while climbing a mountain, a mountaineer keeps looking down to see how high he has reached and how far he needs to go. By looking downwards he achieves self-motivation and measures how much he has succeeded. Similarly, we must keep measuring our success and progress accordingly.

Our self-improvement does not stop just because we have achieved our goal but it must continue to enrich our lives and help us in attaining our dreams. We must instill a learning attitude in ourselves. People who are continuously invested in self-improvement have an extremely positive attitude towards learning. They learn from others and are often open to feedback in order to improve or overcome a problem.

Such people find it easier to solve a problem, learn from their mistakes, and eventually grow and succeed.

It is self-improvement that cultivates self-love and compassion. By seeing ourselves grow every day we become more confident. It is often debatable that if one loves himself why there is a need to change. Self-improvement is not changing ourselves out of frustration but improving ourselves through understanding. It helps us in focusing on what matters and improving our emotional, mental and physical well-being. 

Self-improvement helps to enhance self-worth. We tend to spend less time questioning ourselves and more time in improving and becoming a better version of ourselves. It makes a person more positive and confident. People who continuously focus on self-improvement find it easier to solve problems and overcome shortcomings. They have several ways to solve their life issues. They are now more positive towards the problem, open to feedback, learn from others' mistakes, and are less stressed.

There are many reasons why we need to improve ourselves but self-doubt is not one of them. With a positive mind, we can achieve whatever we want to in our life. Therefore, we must stop doubting ourselves and start believing that we can achieve whatever we want. We must spend time with ourselves more often and indulge in self-evaluation to measure our progress. After achieving a goal we also must focus on a more purposeful goal such as becoming a positive person or leading a healthy lifestyle. Such goals have a better impact on a person than materialistic goals. A healthy lifestyle leads to well-being of a person which ultimately leads to better mental, physical, and, emotional health.

Self-improvement leads to personal growth which is a process of understanding ourselves and reaching our highest potential. It prepares us in becoming the best version of ourselves. Both self-improvement and personal growth are a huge part of becoming successful in our life and we must not take them for granted. We should keep on improving ourselves and working on our personal growth to achieve our goals.

We must understand that everyone needs self-improvement and that it takes us to a positive light. Self-improvement is not to demotivate ourselves in believing that we need to bring changes in our lives but it helps in motivating ourselves to improve our lives. Instead, we must take full responsibility for ourselves and strive to go beyond the power limit and achieve everything we want. It is never too late and we are never too old to realize that we need to improve our lives.