How Are Approaches to Pest Control Changing in 2024 and Beyond? 4 Things Businesses Should Know

Feb, 2024 - by CMI

How Are Approaches to Pest Control Changing in 2024 and Beyond? 4 Things Businesses Should Know

There’s a war happening in the shadows. A never ending battle against the creepy crawlies that nestle into the nooks and crannies of businesses across the globe. 

Maintaining a pest-free environment is a matter of customer service and a regulatory necessity for nearly every sector in the business world. 

Pest management is ushering in a wave of innovation that promises better control of pests. By customer demand, the industry is improving efforts in sustainability, efficiency, and overall effectiveness. 

Let’s explore the key trends in pest control that businesses need to be aware of to stay ahead.

1. Integrated Pest Management (IPM): Balancing Act for Sustainable Results

IPM has proven to be the Achilles in this war. The Tom Brady. The Wayne Gretzky. You get it. You’re picking up what we’re laying down.

It involves a multifaceted approach. It integrates biological, cultural, and sanitation practices alongside the judicious use of pesticides. 

The focus is on preventive solutions using non-chemical means. Chemicals, and only the least toxic available, are used as a last resort. 

Businesses need to work with their pest control professionals to develop and implement the right strategies for them. 

It can be as simple as sealing entry points and reducing clutter. More advanced solutions, such as introducing natural predators of the target pest, can be alternatives to pesticides. 

2. Sustainable Practices: Going Green with Pest Control

The emphasis here is on finding eco-friendly alternatives to traditional chemical methods. 

Customers now view going green as a necessity, not a trend. There is also a growing body of evidence regarding the long-term health effects of certain pesticides. We want to protect our customers and our technicians who are out on the front lines every day.

There are many solutions for businesses to explore. Look into all of the possibilities. You can use non-toxic sprays made from natural substances. That didn’t work? Introduce sterilized pests to disrupt breeding.

3. Data-Driven Strategies: Precision Pest Control for Maximum Impact

Businesses can implement pest control strategies that are highly targeted and efficient thanks to the advanced data that comes with modern tech.

Analytics can predict when and where pests are likely to appear. Data analysis helps monitor ongoing pest control efforts. Pest control professionals can deploy rapid adjustments if certain treatments are proving ineffective. 

4. Technology Integration: The Role of Drones and IoT in Pest Control

Drones. A technology that was once used exclusively to freak out your conspiracy theory-loving neighbor has come a long way. It’s now being used by pest management companies.

They are using drones to monitor large areas for pest activity. It’s a practice that many say is quite effective. They can identify breeding grounds and even deploy treatments in hard-to-reach locations.

Smart traps linked to the Internet of Things (IoT) send real-time data to pest control professionals. The information creates extreme precision in management strategies.

Companies are embracing technology to the fullest. They’re using everything from advanced invoicing platforms to pest control routing software to offer better, more professional service.

These industry-wide efforts reduce the need for widespread pesticide application, creating a safer environment for employees and customers. 

Conclusion: Staying Vigilant in the Face of Change

The war may be never ending, but the way we fight is changing. These new and different methods for pest management may seem alien, but they’re effective. They’re disruptive. They’re making clients happy.

We’re using the things that people want us to use. We’re reducing toxic chemical usage. Technology is being used to the fullest extent possible. The industry is pushing for sustainability.

These are good things. So don’t look at it as a hindrance. 

It’s new armor for us to wear. New weapons to use. And new strategies to outflank our real enemy. And those are the pests that are infiltrating companies all over the world and causing a multitude of problems. 

So embrace these changes. And prepare to continue fighting.