How to Find the Perfect Location for Your Next Corporate Retreat

Dec, 2021 - by CMI

How to Find the Perfect Location for Your Next Corporate Retreat


Corporate retreats can be a wonderful way to improve team dynamics and create a better company culture — but only if they’re run well. And while there are many factors that go into planning a corporate retreat, none are quite so important as choosing your retreat location.

If you find a venue that’s inspiring, offers great activities, and isn’t going to leave a massive hole in your budget, you’re already well on your way to hosting a successful event. With this in mind, keep reading for a few simple tips on how to compare retreat locations to find one that’s right for your needs.

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Choose your purpose

The first thing you need to do is understand exactly why you’re holding a retreat. For example, is it a chance for your senior management to relax and unwind while they enjoy some time away from the stresses of work? Is it designed to give them some space and time to make an important decision about the direction of the company? Or is it just a way of helping some key team members develop better relationships with one another?

Once you know the purpose of the retreat, you can start searching for locations to suit.

Type of experience

The purpose of the retreat will also have an impact on the type of experience you want your team to have, while the time of year plays a part too.

For example, you might like to treat your team to a few days of lounging around by the pool soaking up the summer sun. If the weather is cooler, a hiking escape in the mountains might be a better fit.

You’ll also need to think about the type of location you want your team to experience. A vibrant and bustling city, for example, provides a very different setting and atmosphere to a farm stay out in the country. It all depends on how you want the attendees to spend their days so that they get the most out of the retreat.

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Who’s coming?

Now it’s time to think about who will be attending the retreat. Will the event be just for the leadership team, or will this be a company-wide retreat for employees from all levels? This will obviously have a big impact on the capacity of the venue you choose, not to mention the activities and experiences the attendees enjoy, so work out the guest list early.

You’ll also need to consider whether families will be invited. After all, if you want to make your retreat feel less like work and more like fun, husbands, wives, and kids may all need to be included. This can once again affect your choice of location, as you may need to look for a family-friendly retreat venue rather than one designed for adults only.

Be creative

No one said your corporate retreat meant spending a few nights in a standard room at a boring hotel. After all, your team members have probably done that plenty of times before on other business trips, so why not mix it up a little and choose a retreat venue that offers something a little different?

You might be surprised by the sheer range of unique and unusual venues that can be hired out for corporate retreats. From mountaintop chalets to country estates, inner-city lofts to historic castles, the range of options at your fingertips is fantastically diverse.

So don’t be afraid to break the mold and treat your team to a retreat at a location they’ll never forget.

To share or not to share?

A room, that is. Whether or not to ask your team members to share a room with one of their colleagues can be a tricky question. Sharing rooms can help strengthen the bonds between two members, not to mention keep your costs down.

But it can also lead to unwanted tension and awkward situations, and sharing a room can make your retreat feel more like something that needs to be endured rather than enjoyed.

Once again, think about who is attending the retreat, the purpose of the getaway, and the experiences you want them to have. Along with your budget, this will help you decide whether sharing rooms is the way to go.


Finally, the activities on offer at or nearby the retreat location can be a major determining factor in your final decision. If there’s going to be any work done during the retreat, you’ll obviously need to make sure the venue has all the essential features (Wi-Fi, work space, AV system, etc.) to encourage productivity.

But it’s what your team members will do when they’re not working that can really make a retreat memorable. Maybe you’d like a venue that allows attendees to make the most of outdoor activities, such as hiking or horseback riding.

Alternatively, you might want your team to immerse themselves in a foreign culture, indulge in a gourmet food experience, or even something as simple as sit down together for a movie marathon. Whatever you choose, make sure the activities on offer match the experience you want to create for your employees.

Find your perfect location

From the fun to the funky, the contemporary to the traditional, the great outdoors to the bustling inner city, there are corporate retreat venues to suit every need. Start searching today to track down the ideal location for your next company retreat.