How to Write Successful Online Text for Google Ads?

Nov, 2023 - by CMI

How to Write Successful Online Text for Google Ads?

In every minute, more than 2.3 million searches are conducted on Google. On almost every search on Google, users see ads along with organic search results.  These ads are an extremely effective strategy to target new as well as active consumers, readers or clients.

It means with Google ads you can also target new buyers or audiences, only if your text for ads speaks to the intent of customers. But, you may not know the techniques to write successful online text for Google Ads. We compiled this post, to make you learn the best ways to do so.

The Best Ways to Write Successful Online Text For Google Ads

1. Resonate Your Target Audience

For successful writing of online text for Google ads, it should resonate with the target audience. You can do so by knowing the below points:

      Who is your target market?

      What do consumers anticipate from your company?

      What are the requirements of your target demographic?

      What are their tastes?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you to come up with such type of language tone, products, and services that people need.

2. Create a Compelling And Descriptive Headline

A headline is considered the most vital part of the online text for Google ads. This determines whether the users/searchers will click your ad or not. Below we covered some points to be followed for writing effective headlines:

 You should write descriptive headlines that reflect the whole essence of your products or services.

  Naturally embed the primary keyword in the headlines of ads.

The headlines should grab the attention of readers. For this, we suggest to embed some compelling or enchanting words. For example; Innovative, Dynamic, Revolutionary, etc.

The headlines should not be wordy but possess a power conciseness. Moreover, the ad headlines should not exceed the optimal limit i.e. 30 characters.

 In this case, if you write more than one headline for a Google ad, they should resonate with each other.

Practical Example:

If your small business sells wristwatches, then your headlines should be like this;

1. “Wrist Watch for Sale”

2. “Find Your Perfect Time Partner”

3. “Buy Our Collection”

3. Use Persuasive Words

For successful advertising, its content must be convincing or promotional. And to make such a type of text, you are required to utilize persuasive words. By persuasive words we mean; the words that are influential, convincing and urging for readers. They are useful to make the content compelling.

For Example: Rare, Exclusive, Premium, Efficient, etc.

Following are some helpful tips in this perspective:

  You should not focus on just adding persuasive words but keep an eye on their context also. Your embedded words should not do any harm to the intent of the text.

 Persuasive words work better when used at the very start of the sentences.

 Don’t do stuffing of the words but retain normal words also.

And so on…

4. Insert Keyword

Keywords are the queries or terms typed by people into the search bar of Google to reach what they want. It is useful to insert keywords in the text for ads to show their relevance to the search queries.

Below are some strategies to know for inserting keywords in the online text:

You should embed the “Focus Keywords” in Headline and Description.

Try to target those keywords that have sufficient monthly searches. Another, factor to keep in mind is the low “KD” (Keywords Difficulty).

It is not mandatory to make your text oriented for just a single keyword. But, for targeting more search queries you can use other keywords also. However, that should slightly match the primary keyword. Such terms are known to be LSI keywords.

Avoid keyword stuffing but maintain their density within optimal range i.e.1-2%.

5. Make an Appealing Description

A description is where you delve into the details of your products and services. Make sure, your product descriptions are professionally written to win the hearts of readers. Below are some tips to craft optimized and appealing descriptions:

 You should utilize comprehensible and simple-to-read words and sentences in the description.

Try to use some innovative or fresh terminology that can engage your readers.

Make a strong connection between the sentences of the descriptions. This is a useful tip to make descriptions fluent and coordinated.

However, doing all the above adjustments for descriptions is not a child’s play. And you may sometimes have to spend a lot of hours and consume calories. In this scenario, you can use rephrase online for write descriptions of Google ads with the help of a rephrasing tool. The tool will automatically uplift their quality and optimize their terminology to an engaging level.

Practical Example:

We crafted the below Google ads description. You can see that is not appealing or attractive. To make them captivating and influential, we rephrased them through a paraphrasing tool. The tool made multiple alterations and gave us top-notch descriptions.

Original Descriptions:

“Browse our stunning Schmuck collection created by artisans. Our opulent pieces, radiate timeless elegance. Savour sophistication right now.”


Rephrased Descriptions:

“Browse our dazzling Schmuck collection made by artisans. Our rich pieces, transmit ageless tastefulness. Relish modernity right now.”


6. Add A Call To Action

While writing an online text for Google ads, it is a good strategy to include a “Call to Action”. By a call to action, we mean a sentence or phrase that creates an urgency for buyers. It tells what to do after going through your Google ads.

For Example:

  1. “Subscribe and Save”
  2. “Sign Up Now”
  3. “Reserve Your Spot”

You should make the CTAs as concise as possible. Moreover, they should be rich in action words.


Running successful Google ads is a great strategy to attract new customers from the market. However, it is only possible when you write compelling, engaging, and persuasive text for the ads. To write such quality online text for Google ads, we covered the best ways along with the expert tips to deploy them.