Is China hiding the KEYS to (and) of COVID 19?

Aug, 2020 - by CMI

Is China hiding the KEYS  to  (and)  of  COVID 19?

Wuhan, the start point and once an epicenter of novel coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak, had a population of 11 million in 2019. It is the most populous city in Central China.

Wuhan is the capital city of Hubei province. Hubei is a hub for many things in China and hence is among the leading provinces in China. Its population was estimated to be around 60 million in 2019. 60% of this population in Hubei stays in urban areas.

Hubei contributes largely to China’s growth.

  • It is the hydropower base of China
  • It is among the top three largest steel hubs in China
  • Its mineral resources account for 81% of total found in China
  • It has more than 10 national key laboratories
  • It is a transportation hub for movement across East and West parts of China

With Hubei being an important destination, especially Wuhan, it is obviously expected to be an attractive destination for economy business, and tourism.

There are 10,152 health institutions (excluding village clinic), 995 hospitals, and 201,300 beds in Hubei province. Besides, during the outbreak, there were two new hospitals established in Wuhan to combat this disease. This increased the patient handling capacity further to more than 50,000 in Wuhan itself.

The recent developments and figures related to COVID-19 explained by the Chinese Government have been difficult to digest. This information can be further evaluated and cemented when we compare the population, total confirmed COVID-19 cases, the date of first confirmed case, and date of lockdown for China, the U.S., and Italy.


2,547 deaths were reported in Wuhan due to COVID-19. This is 80% of total deaths reported in China.


The above data clearly indicates, that U.S. will be severely impacted by coronavirus owing to their late and ineffective response to this pandemic. However, if we consider the difference in days of first confirmed case of COVID-19 and the lockdown date, between China and Italy, it is the same i.e. 23-24 days. Also, the population of Hubei and Italy is almost the same. Yet, the number of cases in Hubei, infect overall China, is far less than Italy.

Considering all the above factors and using correlation statistical analysis, it could be estimated that the number of COVID-19 cases in China could be around 500,000. It may be even more than that. Some analysts even estimate this figure to be in millions. Well, let’s hope that this is not true.

The event also leads to many conspiracies and theories associated with this novel Coronavirus-19, from China.

  • Certain sources mentioned that China was in the process of developing a bioweapon which included the novel coronavirus-19, with the possible known impact. A researcher who knew about this, tried to blow whistle, but was killed by the officials.
  • Few sources and theories state that it was the attempt of China to be super power, beating the U.S. and other major nations without a possibility of a war. In a measure to achieve this dream, China adopted biological warfare strategy to achieve their mission. This thought cannot be ignored as -
    • China has now commenced daily operation in Wuhan and transport facilities across the country
    • It is trying to buy oil, metal, and other resources at a much cheaper rate, with an attempt to sell it later at a higher price to the required nations
    • Latest events and curated news suggest that China also has huge capacity to produce ventilators, masks, and other pharmaceutical products and medical devices, which it is selling to affected countries

Whether these are rumors or reality cannot be known or proved until the Chinese president Mr. Xi Jinping discloses the facts about this touted World War-III.

Sources: National Bureau of Statistics of China, Hubei Provincial People’s Government, India Today, Coherent Market Insights


Saurabh Shah,

Principle Consultant – Healthcare,

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