Retail Trading Trends In 2023 - Here's What Lies Ahead

May, 2023 - by CMI

Retail Trading Trends In 2023 - Here's What Lies Ahead

Approximately one year ago, we witnessed a scenario where prices spiked in the United States. The pandemic seemed to be over and consumers had stuffed their bank accounts with cash.

Almost all of us were happy working remotely and the rate of unemployment was very low. We all thought that the economic crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic was behind us. However, it did not take long before we were all worried about runaway inflation.

So what does this mean for investors? Should you always invest without looking at the trends that might affect your investment? As an investor, you understand that economies change and might make or break your investments.

Going into 2023 and beyond, you should look at what is trending before putting your money on any form of investment. Here are a few trading trends to look out for in 2023;

The Rise of Alternative Investments and Platforms

2023 is the year that we will see investors looking for alternative investments and platforms to use when investing. As an investor, you will often find yourself looking at all options that you have and even adding some to your investment portfolio.

If you want to be successful, you need to look at alternatives for investment. So, you have been investing in stocks, for instance. You will need to look at ways you can maximize your earnings from investment.

For example, by using a platform such as SoFi trading, you will be able to buy a put option when the value of a stock is going down or a call option when the value is going up. These platforms, including others such as Robinhood and eToro, are changing how investors trade. We will even see them growing more popular in 2023, with more features tailored to simplify the trading experience for investors.

Markets Might Remain Unpredictable

We all suffered the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy. Well, things seemed to get better in the second half of 2022. Unfortunately, every investor will tell you that the stock market has since remained low.

Now, when this happens, we expect bonds to save the situation for investors - but this did not happen. Do you know why? Hikes in interest rates. We have seen bond yields falling together with the prices of stocks.

So, what does this leave trading heading into 2023? We will see economies trying to ease inflation, meaning that 2023 will be difficult for you as an investor if you use traditional models for asset allocation. You will also need more than just fixed income and equities for you to survive the unpredictable market of 2023.

Inflation to Remain High

If you have been trading over the last couple of years, you must have seen how inflation has affected the economy, especially in the last two or three years. In the United States, for instance, investors have suffered from less valuable and higher cost dollars for future investment.

So, do you expect inflation to drop in 2023 in major economies like the United States? Well, even though the Fed has set a target of 2%, experts have argued that chances are very high that this target will not be achieved. According to Statista, prices will increase by 4.5 percent in 2023.

Even though we might see interest rates going to as low as 3% by the end of this year, this might leave a little cushion for you as an investor. It will not even help with inflation. This means that you should look at bonds and TIPS (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities) if you want to mitigate inflation.

Cryptocurrency Recovery

If you have ever traded in crypto, chances are that last year - 2022 - was not a good year for crypto investments. You must have seen how some of these currencies, like Tether and TerraUSD, slipped to unprecedented lows in 2022.

Investors lost a lot of money in crypto value. We also witnessed hobbling of crypto exchanges, especially due to layoffs and other pains as seen with Coinbase. But what should you expect to see with cryptocurrency in 2023?

Well, this might be the year we are going to see a recovery in cryptocurrency. We will see investors moving away from trendy coins and instead looking at cash reserves. As an investor, you need to evaluate all options available in 2023 and ensure that you are making the right investments when it comes to cryptocurrency.

Savings Bonds’ Popularity to Keep Growing

One thing you should be proud of as an investor is savings bonds. These are the options investors have been looking at in a bid to combat rising inflation. For example, the Series I savings bonds hit 9.62% in April 2022.

Did you even know the Treasury Direct web portal crushed in October 2022 with investors rushing to buy these bonds? With such investments at the close of 2022, we expect to see more investors looking at these bonds going forward.

If you are looking for extra cash with your investments, or want to be careful with the investments you make, then I bonds should be in your investment portfolio in 2023. We are going to see more people investing in I bonds in 2023.

Be a Smart Investor

The past year saw financial assets such as crypto, bonds, and stocks struggle especially because of inflation. The Federal Reserve, on the other hand, kept on raising interest rates in a bid to lower consumer prices.

This might have left you wondering what 2023 will look like for you as an investor. Well, this article provides you with insights into what lies ahead and what you should do to make smart investments.