Tailor-Made vs. Off-the-Shelf: Benefits of Using Custom EMR & EHR Software

Apr, 2024 - by CMI

Tailor-Made vs. Off-the-Shelf: Benefits of Using Custom EMR & EHR Software

Data plays an integral role in different sectors from business to healthcare. As such, data and information have become valued products. However, the increase in value brings data handling and integrity into question, especially in the healthcare industry.

Most of the information handled in healthcare is sensitive patient data. The data is used to curate treatment plans, and if it is not well-handled, it can be detrimental. Having EMR & EHR software is no longer optional. 

These apps do more than manage and store data. However, finding the best application is ideal for both business and efficiency. Here's where custom EMR & EHR software from Empeek shines.

Custom Built for Your Needs

Off-the-shelf applications have generic workflows. Finding an app that fits your hospital's specific flow like a glove is difficult. This is why most healthcare providers prefer building tailor-made EMR & EHR software.

From the outside, it can look like an expensive adventure. However, custom-made apps can save you money in the long run. You don't have to worry about extra fees to get extra customization later. You also own the source code with tailor-made software, meaning that your developers can customize the app as needed.

Enhanced Workflow Efficiency

Most EMR & EHR apps are bloated with many features, some of which you don't need in your line. Besides making the app big, too many features can make learning how to use the app more challenging. However, tailor-made healthcare apps prioritize the services you use most and automate repetitive tasks.

This ensures that you have a lightweight app built to streamline workflows. Your team can also learn how to operate the app fast. Employees will have more time to work on service delivery and caring for patients.

Data Security 

One of the biggest threats to data is security. Off-the-shelf EMR & EHR software may fail to meet or comply with data security regulations. This puts the healthcare institution at risk of malicious attacks and data loss.

Another thing you must be aware of is the availability of backdoor access by the developers. This is something popular with off-the-shelf software. Considering all of these factors, tailor-made healthcare apps make more sense. 

Custom EMR & EHR software have robust security features that meet your requirements.

No Hidden Fees

Developing custom EMR & EHR apps can require a massive budget depending on the features. But one thing you will be sure of is that you will not need extra fees to activate certain services on the app. This is common in off-the-shelf software products. 

Often, buyers are convinced to subscribe to the trial version only to be asked for money to activate certain features. With your custom option, you don't have to worry about hidden fees or charges down the road. 

Bottom Line 

Technology is revolutionizing healthcare. Investing in quality custom EMR & EHR software is a must for all healthcare providers, considering how much value data holds. The initial investment can be expensive, but once you factor in the benefits, tailor-made software products offer value for money.