What Small Changes Can Help Save the Ocean?

May, 2022 - by CMI

What Small Changes Can Help Save the Ocean?

Today, there are far too many issues that impact the oceans negatively, killing off ocean life and destroying habitats for sea creatures. Those who want to make a difference can do so and can even help without leaving home. Read below to learn more about some of the small changes you can make to help save the ocean.

Choose Sustainable Food Options

Pay attention to the pollution created when food is grown or processed for consumption. Being more sustainable doesn’t mean going vegan or vegetarian, but it does mean paying closer attention to where food comes from. Greenhouse gas emissions, which happen during the growth or processing portions of food production, can impact everything from local wildlife to polar bear hibernation cycles. Choosing more sustainable foods can help lessen this impact.

Pay Attention When Boating

Those who enjoy boating will want to be careful to avoid adding to the pollution in the oceans. Chemicals used to clean the boat can be harmful to sea life, and the gas and oils used in the boat, if there is a leak, can pollute the local waters. Boaters should take care to learn more about what to avoid when boating or docking in a marina to prevent doing any damage to the ocean waters. Taking care of the ocean now provides the opportunity to enjoy it in the future.

Help Clean Up the Beaches

There is a ton of trash and debris on beaches today, whether it’s left behind by tourists or it washes up with the waves. Those planning on a trip to the beach can take along a trash bag or two. Before leaving, walk along the beach one more time, picking up as much trash as possible. This helps reduce the amount of trash on the beach significantly, which can prevent it from getting into the water, where it can cause harm to the wildlife.

Reduce Energy Use

Energy use contributes to greenhouse gas, which can have a negative impact on the oceans. Reducing energy use by turning off the lights, changing the temperature by a degree or two in the home, and using less water, can all make a difference in how much pollution is created and released into the air.

Research Before Buying

Tons of products use sea life or components used as habitats in their production. In fact, some cosmetics have an ingredient listed as squalene in them, which comes from shark liver oil. By avoiding cosmetics made with squalene, consumers show companies they don’t want products made from animal parts. Even one person switching to squalene-free cosmetics can make a difference in the long run.

Helping the oceans is something that can be easily done, starting at home, with the tips listed here. If you enjoy spending time at the beach or on the water, now’s the time to start giving back to the ocean and doing as much as possible to prevent the loss of ocean life or habitats. See how many of the above tips can be done and start making a difference today.