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Market Size and Trends

Global birth tourism market is estimated to be valued at USD 277.6 Mn in 2024 and is expected to reach USD 425.8 Mn by 2031, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.3% from 2024 to 2031.

Birth Tourism Market Key Factors

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Global birth tourism market is expected to witness positive growth over the forecast period due to rising globalization and emerging trend of traveling to foreign destinations specifically for childbirth and acquiring citizenship of that country. The major markets for birth tourism include the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia and European countries that offer citizenship to children born within their territorial boundaries. Furthermore, lower healthcare costs in destinations compared to home country and perception of better lifestyle and infrastructure are driving the growth of the birth tourism industry globally. However, tightening of regulations around automatic citizenship rights in some countries may hamper the market growth.

Economic and Cost Benefits

One of the key drivers for global birth tourism market is the substantial economic and cost benefits that families are able to gain. Giving birth in another country, especially one that offers birthright citizenship, allows newborn babies to gain citizenship status of that country almost immediately. This opens up a wide range of long term benefits for the child in terms of education, employment, better standard of living, and higher quality of life. Families from economically weaker countries or those struggling with unemployment or poverty, this presents as a lucrative option.  By gaining citizenship of an economically strong country like U.S. or Canada through birth tourism, children can access subsidized or low cost education in that country from primary to college level. This relieves their parents of heavy education expenses and helps the child secure a valuable degree or technical qualification. Later in life when these people enter the workforce, these individuals have access to job opportunities in multinational companies as well as public sector roles in that country. Their average lifetime income is likely to be much higher compared to these people stayed and worked in their country of birth. The passport of an economically developed nation also allows easier international travel and exposure to global career prospects. In addition, obtaining dual or multiple citizenships for future generations also becomes possible through birth tourism. The children and even grandchildren of birth tourists can leverage membership to that county even if these people pursue higher education or jobs elsewhere. Overall, it provides families an enduring economic hedge by opening access to standard of living and healthcare of developed nations for decades to come. In many ways, the costs incurred during birth tourism such as travel and delivery expenses are viewed as a onetime investment that generates inter-generational returns through above mentioned lifelong benefits. This makes birth tourism an attractive choice for those seeking improved economic prospects and quality of life for themselves and progeny.

Market Concentration and Competitive Landscape

Birth Tourism Market Concentration By Players

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Ease of Process and Support Services

The global birth tourism market is experiencing significant growth due to improvements in the ease of process and expansion of support services available to expectant mothers from other countries. In the past, gaining entry to a foreign country to give birth was a complex process with few supportive resources. However, several destination countries have now streamlined their visa requirements and created specialized service packages to foster this growing industry. For example, certain European and Asian nations offer year-long multiple entry tourist visas or "maternity tourism" visas that simplify international travel right up until birth.  Additionally, major birth tourism destinations like the United States, Canada, and UK have a proliferating network of for-profit agencies that cater exclusively to foreigners seeking delivery and birth registration abroad. These agencies provide full-service guidance and logistical support through the entire pregnancy and postpartum process. They assist with immigration paperwork, medical care, living accommodations, cultural assimilation, and even post-birth escorts home.

Birth Tourism Market Key Takeaways From Lead Analyst

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Challenge: Strict regulations and policies implemented by several countries

Strict regulations and policies implemented by various governments are posing challenges for the growth of global birth tourism market. Many countries have introduced stringent rules in the last few years to curb the practice of traveling to their nation solely for the purpose of child birth.  For instance, the United States introduced new policies in 2020 that make it harder for pregnant foreign nationals to travel there. As per the new guidance, international travelers seeking to enter America for medical treatment like childbirth need to demonstrate they have approval to come for reasons other than obtaining citizenship. They have to prove they have valid medical reason for travel and have financial means to pay for it. This discourages those coming only for citizenship benefits.

Opportunity: Emerging destinations offering birthright citizenship

Emerging destinations that offer birthright citizenship could indeed capitalize on the growing global birth tourism market. Countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Turkey automatically grant citizenship to any child born on their soil. This confers significant long-term benefits like passport rights, access to education and healthcare. In the past decade, birth tourism has increased manifold as more families look to secure additional citizenship for their newborns.  These developing nations can position themselves as an affordable alternative to popular choices like the U.S. These offer scenic locations with a relatively lower cost of living. Geo-political uncertainties in certain parts of Asia and Middle East have also driven more families to explore dual citizenship options through birth tourism.

Birth Tourism Market By Birthplace

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Insights, By Birthplace: Access to advanced medical facilities

In terms of birthplace, hospitals segment is estimated to contribute the 46.7% share of the market in 2024, owing to access to advanced medical facilities. Hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and specialist doctors to handle any birth related complications. These have neonatal intensive care units (NICU) to take care of premature or underweight babies who may need medical supervision. Labor rooms in hospitals are sterile environments to prevent infections. Advanced technologies like fetal heart rate monitors, ultrasound, and others allow doctors to closely monitor the mother and baby during delivery. Blood banks and operation theatres are also available in case of emergency situations. Post birth, lactation consultants and pediatricians are available for consultation.

Insights, By Package: Convenience of an all-inclusive package

In terms of package, all-inclusive package segment is estimated to contribute the 37.8% share of the market in 2024, owing to convenience it offers to parents-to-be. An all-inclusive birth tourism package covers most amenities required from travel to accommodation, meals, currency exchange, translation services, local transfers, pre and post-natal checkups, delivery charges and other ancillary expenses. This reduces hassles for foreign families who are unaware of local practices, medical bills and may not be proficient in local language. It provides a hassle-free birthing experience as people can relax and focus on the pregnancy.

Insights, By Mode of Delivery: Risk of complications with C-section

In terms of mode of delivery, C-section segment is estimated to contribute the 37.5% share of the market in 2024, owing to higher risks of complications associated with it. C-section is a major surgery take longer recovery times as compared to normal delivery. It poses higher risk of infections, hemorrhage and injury to other organs. Woman also faces challenge of caring for a newborn while recovering from surgery. Preterm or high risk pregnancies often lead doctors to recommend a C-section for safety of both mother and baby, even if elective. Rise in issues like obesity, diabetes, and others increases chances of complicated deliveries.

Regional Insights

Birth Tourism Market Regional Insights

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North America has established itself as the dominant region in the global birth tourism market with estimated 38.8% share in 2024. The U.S., in particular, has emerged as the preferred destination for overseas expectant mothers seeking birthright citizenship for their babies. The presence of a sizable immigrant population has resulted in the development of massive support infrastructure, catering to the needs of foreign visitors. Expectant mothers find it relatively easy to obtain medical assistance and other facilities.  Travel and stay in the region is highly affordable for most nationalities relative to the citizenship benefits offered. Several destinations within the U.S. have become hotspots that actively welcome birth tourists. This industry presence is further boosted through intensive marketing and network of agencies facilitating travel arrangements. The American legal framework automatically grants citizenship to any baby born on U.S. soil, irrespective of the mother's immigration status.

Asia Pacific has emerged as the fastest growing market globally. The Philippines, in particular, is establishing itself as a new force. While the total numbers are still smaller compared to North America, the birth tourism industry in the Philippines is expanding at a rapid pace. One major factor driving this is the government's active efforts to promote medical tourism. It has developed world-class healthcare infrastructure and made concentrated efforts to promote the country's capabilities abroad.  The costs of travel and delivery in the Philippines are even lower compared to the U.S. This has made the country an attractive alternative for nationalities that may have difficulties accessing other traditional markets. The Philippines also allows selective citizenship options for children born to overseas parents. While not as expansive as the U.S. model, these provisions have nonetheless spurred significant growth of birth tourism in recent years. Supported by a steadily growing infrastructure and regulatory framework, the Philippines is well-positioned to capture a major share of the global market going forward.

Market Report Scope

Birth Tourism Market Report Coverage

Report Coverage Details
Base Year: 2023 Market Size in 2024: US$ 277.6 Mn
Historical Data for: 2019 to 2023 Forecast Period: 2024 to 2031
Forecast Period 2024 to 2031 CAGR: 6.3% 2031 Value Projection: US$ 425.8 Mn
Geographies covered:
  • North America: U.S. and Canada
  • Latin America: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Rest of Latin America
  • Europe: Germany, U.K., Spain, France, Italy, Russia, and Rest of Europe
  • Asia Pacific: China, India, Japan, Australia, South Korea, ASEAN, and Rest of Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa: GCC Countries, Israel, and Rest of Middle East & Africa
Segments covered:
  • By Birthplace: Hospitals , Birthing Centers, Home Births, Others
  • By Package: Basic Package , Luxury Package, All-inclusive Package, Others
  • By Mode of Delivery: Vaginal Delivery, C-section, Others 
Companies covered:

Memorial Healthcare System, Texas Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Mayo Clinic, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital , NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Fortis La Femme, Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre, Motherhood Hospitals

Growth Drivers:
  • Economic and Cost Benefits
  • Ease of Process and Support Services 
Restraints & Challenges:
  • Strict regulations and policies implemented by several countries
  • High costs involved in birth tourism trips

Key Developments

  • In 2024, Max Healthcare acquired India-based Alexis Hospital for Rs 412 crore
  • In 2023, Biden-Harris Administration launched ‘birthing-friendly’ designation on web-based care compare toolIn 2023, Cloudenine launched premium birthing center in Hyderabad, India
  • In 2021, Baxter acquired Hillrom, expanding connected care and medical innovation globally
  • *Definition: Global Birth Tourism Market refers to the practice of traveling to another country for the purpose of giving birth so that the child can acquire citizenship or residency rights of that country. It involves foreigners taking advantage of the rules of nationality laws that confer citizenship to babies born on the territory that recognize birthright citizenship. Countries like the U.S. and Canada are popular destinations for birth tourism due to their birthright citizenship policies.

Market Segmentation

  •  Birthplace Insights (Revenue, USD Mn, 2019 - 2031)
    • Hospitals
    • Birthing Centers
    • Home Births
    • Others
  •  Package Insights (Revenue, USD Mn, 2019 - 2031)
    • Basic Package
    • Luxury Package
    • All-inclusive Package
    • Others
  •  Mode of Delivery Insights (Revenue, USD Mn, 2019 - 2031)
    • Vaginal Delivery
    • C-section
    • Others
  • Regional Insights (Revenue, USD Mn, 2019 - 2031)
    • North America
      • U.S.
      • Canada
    • Latin America
      • Brazil
      • Argentina
      • Mexico
      • Rest of Latin America
    • Europe
      • Germany
      • U.K.
      • Spain
      • France
      • Italy
      • Russia
      • Rest of Europe
    • Asia Pacific
      • China
      • India
      • Japan
      • Australia
      • South Korea
      • ASEAN
      • Rest of Asia Pacific
    • Middle East & Africa
      • GCC Countries
      • Israel
      • Rest of Middle East & Africa
  • Key Players Insights
    • Memorial Healthcare System
    • Texas Medical Center
    • Cleveland Clinic
    • Johns Hopkins Hospital
    • Mayo Clinic
    • Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
    • Massachusetts General Hospital
    • NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
    • Fortis La Femme
    • Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre
    • Motherhood Hospitals

Frequently Asked Questions

The CAGR of global birth tourism market is projected to be 6.3% from 2024 to 2031.

Economic and cost benefits and ease of process and support services are the major factors driving the growth of global birth tourism market.

Strict regulations and policies implemented by several countries and high costs involved in birth tourism trips are the major factor hampering the growth of global birth tourism market.

In terms of birthplace, hospitals segment is estimated to dominate the market in 2024.

Memorial Healthcare System, Texas Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Mayo Clinic, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital , NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Fortis La Femme, Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre, Motherhood Hospitals are the major players.

North America is expected to lead the global birth tourism market.

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