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Motorcycle supercharger is air compressor that increases the air density and the pressure that is supplied to the internal combustion engines. This provides the combustion engine with more oxygen to support and enhance the fuel combustion and increases its output power. In conjunction with high torque and rpm, increased availability owing to established presence of OEMs and aftermarket solutions is projected to propel the industry growth through the forecast period.

Performance enhancements without altering engine specification is expected to be the prominent factor that will contribute to the industry growth

After the engine manufacture, two wheeler engine power output cannot be enhanced by increasing the engine rpm or displacement. However, by utilizing forced induction through superchargers, a process in which the power output is increased through feeding additional pressurized air into the engine, the performance of the vehicles can be improved. Moreover, the enhanced speed and power leads to sporty driving specifications, which is among the prominent industry growth drivers.

Motorcycle Supercharger Market Taxonomy

On the basis of technology, the global motorcycle supercharger market is classified into:

  • Exhaust-gas driven superchargers (Turbo-chargers)
  • Mechanically driven superchargers
    • Mechanically driven centrifugal supercharger
    • Mechanically driven positive displacement supercharger
      • Screw type
      • Roots type
    • Pressure wave superchargers

On the basis of distribution channels, the global motorcycle supercharger market is classified into:

  • OEMs
  • Aftermarket

Reduction in performance lag and easy installation will provide substantial boost the consumer inclination towards these solutions

One of the major benefits of these solutions is the reduction of the performance lag, owing to the direct connection of the superchargers to the engine crankshaft. Moreover, these can provide acceleration from a very low rpm and do not require hefty tunings. Easy deployment of these solutions owing to fewer components and simpler device integration are expected to provide the required market traction over the forecast period. However, additional incorporation of exhaust modifications that includes additional oil lines and intercoolers makes the incorporation relatively complex.

Manufacturers are increasingly offering motorcycles incorporated with these solutions for enhanced performance

Manufacturers are increasingly offering motorcycles incorporated with the superchargers, not only in the premium bikes but also in the mid segment bikes featuring the capacity ranged between 500 to 800cc. Next-generation bike manufacturers are increasingly focusing on cost efficiency and performance enhancing systems have become one of the key focus areas of the OEMs. Increasing awareness regarding these systems, popularity among the users and advent of these systems in the mid-level segment of the bikes is expected to provide strong industry growth prospects during the next few years.

Aftermarket segment to retain its dominance in the motorcycle supercharger market

Until recently, these solutions for bikes were available only for the premium bikes before past few years. In order to enhance performance characteristics, bike enthusiasts were inclined towards the solutions offered by the aftermarket vendors. Moreover, after its initial adoptions, the technology gained significant popularity among the users, owing to which aftermarket industry share witnessed significant demands, is expected to continue its dominance over the forecast period.

Rising number of bike accidents, owing to over-speeding and lack of control is expected to hinder the overall industry growth

According to National Highway Traffic State Administration (NHTSA), 4976 people died in bike crashes, which was around 8.3% increase over the 2014 stats. According to our insights, owing to the increasing number of vehicle owners, motorcyclists are 25X more likely to die in a road accident in comparison to a passenger car user. Increasing concerns regarding the road safety among the consumer is expected to present major growth challenge over the forecast period.

Industry presence is largely attributed to the established players having high market share consolidation. Business vendors operating in the business segment include motorcycle supercharger kit manufacturers, system manufacturers, and the assemblers or the system integrators. Chief motorcycle supercharger participants include Ducati, Kawasaki Motors Corporation, Honda Motor Company, Rotrex, Bimota, S Charger, ProCharger Superchargers, and Aerocharger.

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