Increased Invasive Group A Strep Infection Worries Experts

Dec, 2022 - by CMI

The CDC is anticipating a sudden rise of group A strep bacterial infection among children in U.S.

In Europe, a sudden rise in group A strep infection has started spreading in clusters. Cases have up surged in Phoenix Children’s Hospital as reports suggests. The bacteria are quite invasive in nature coming from the same group of bacteria which causes sore throat.

 This infection affects the tissues deep down the body resulting sepsis, necrotizing fasciitis – a flesh-eating disease causing bone infections, acute lung infections and even pneumonia. Complications after a respiratory virus augments the infection, so parents are recommended to keep a check on the kids’ flu and the COVID-19 vaccines. It sometimes becomes fatal. In Colorada, two children have died due to group A strep infections. Serious cases are seen in many cases when it causes airway infections like pneumonia or emphysema, skin infections like necrotizing fasciitis or the” flesh-eating disease” and streptococcal toxic shock syndrome where blood pressure level drops and failure of organs happens, and thereby causing infection to the  deep tissues and bloodstream.

Anyone may get infected to group A strep infection but seniors and children are more prone to develop this illness. Some places have still not faced its effect while others are getting panicked. Expert says, group A strep responds to most antibiotics that are available in the market. But the shortage of liquid antibiotic amoxicillin may complicate the situation. However, it can be killed by other antibiotics as well like the penicillin. Children who are very weak, having high fever, troubled breathing, not eating much, becoming lethargic or dehydrated must seek doctor’s advice immediately.

The reason behind the increase in the infection is not clear. Experts believe it might be the situation of returning back to pre-pandemic levels. The wave of RSV, influenza and the COVID-19 may play a major role in affecting the vulnerable kids to this dangerous infection.