New Mars Space X Air Inflates With Touch Of Button

Jun, 2022 - by CMI

New Mars Space X Air is an Australian designed hard wearing off road camper that can inflate into a well-equipped, comfortable base camp that pumps and stabilizes itself

Mars Campers is an Australian company that launched its new all-terrain camper named the Space X Air. This new Mars Space X Air is a hard-wearing camper that can inflate into a well-equipped, comfortable base camp. The new camper is fully automated with inflatable frame tubes, fold-out lids, and stabilizer legs that are foldable and all of this operate at the push of some controls included on a setup panel designed for this.

This new Space X Air also includes outdoor and indoor entertainment system with a double sized outdoor kitchen, and sleeping place enough for six people as well as huge lounge that provides space for up to eight people. While developing this Space X dual fold camper trailer, the Mars Campers focused on making it more convenient by automating as many parts of the camper as possible. The engineers in the company built a control panel that includes buttons for opening front and rear lids, for folding the four stabilizing legs and inflating the awning and the camper tent. As reported by the company, the setup of this Space X Air is fast compared to the hard-poled Space X, it is also easy to operate than any other inflatable campers.

Furthermore, according to the company, with several more features, the Space X Air is Australia’s first auto-stabilizing, auto-inflating and auto-opening dual fold camper that operates on low-noise pressure system keeping the tent inflated at camp. The company launched the Space X Air in February. The cost of this trailer starts at AU$ 39,990, which is US$ 29,800.