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Obesity Prime Suspect Behind The Increasing Cases Of type-2 diabetes in children

Nov, 2022

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Type 2 diabetes arises due to sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits, demands for the motivated lifestyle with physical activities and healthy diet to control or prevent it especially among children.

Type-1 diabetes also known as insulin-dependent or juvenile diabetes is due to deficiency of insulin in body and treatment is to mandatory have insulin injections. While type-1 diabetes is commonly seen in children, occurs before 10 years of age. While type-2 diabetes known as adult-onset diabetes is seen usually after puberty i.e., 15 to 19 years of age. Type-2 diabetes was seen rare among children; however, the cases are on rise and the links are directly to increase in obesity in children.

Diabetes in children remain asymptomatic and show up complicated as well as threatening to life. Some acute condition like diabetic ketoacidosis in which extreme dehydration and organ dysfunctionality is observed. Other standard symptoms are often occurring of urination, bed wetting, urinary incontinence in day time, blurry vision and progressive weight loss are seen.

Is it obvious that onset of type-1 diabetes cannot be regulated while early diagnosis can help prevent the severity by maintaining glucose level to standard with the help of insulin therapy.

The rise in cases of type-2 diabetes among children is of great concern and type-2 diabetes can be prevented to occur. With growing market of packaged food and its commercial advertisement, incline children to indulge in unhealthy eating habits. Experts suggest that children’s must be taught to practice healthy food habits such as having traditional foods, cutting out refined sugar, limiting processed salt intake or alternating the processed salt with kosher salt or sea salt plus curbing processed food.

It is also advised to indulge children in physical activity like sports, walking, cycling to stay physically fit. Pandemic surfaced everything online increasing the screen time of children which has to be limited to 2 hours a day or even less. Better sleep with active lifestyle is need of time for children to prevent obesity which invites not only diabetes but many other health concerns.

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