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Maritime Security Market to Surpass US$ 40.34 Bn by 2031

Maritime Security Market to Surpass US$ 40.34 Bn by 2031 - Coherent Market Insights

Publish In: May 14, 2024

The Maritime Security Market is estimated to be valued at USD 24.90 billion in 2024 and with CAGR of 7.1% over the forecast period 2024-2031. Government initiatives to strengthen maritime safety and security and growing demand for integrated security systems are fueling market growth. Furthermore, with increasing seaborne trade globally and rising instances of piracy, terrorism and illegal activities at sea, the need for enhanced maritime security and surveillance is growing.

Market Dynamics:

Increasing maritime trade volumes: Global seaborne trade volumes have witnessed significant rise over the past few years and are further expected to grow rapidly during the forecast period. Expansion of global supply chains and growth in international trade are driving the volumes of cargo transported through sea routes. With growing trade, the need to secure trade routes and ports is also increasing which is pushing the demand for maritime security solutions.

Growing adoption of monitoring and detection devices: To enhance domain awareness and security, naval and coast guard agencies across countries are increasingly deploying advanced monitoring and detection devices such as drones, CCTV cameras, thermographic cameras and X-ray & gamma ray scanning equipment. Integration of such devices with C4ISR systems is also on the rise. This is positively impacting the maritime security market growth.

Market Drivers: Increasing Instances of Piracy and Smuggling Activities at Sea

One of the major drivers fueling growth in the maritime security market is the rising instances of piracy and smuggling activities at open seas. According to reports, the economic costs of piracy have been estimated to be in billions annually which is encouraging more countries and vessel owners to invest in advanced security systems. Technologies like radar detection, electro-optics, thermal imaging and video analytics are being widely adopted to enhance surveillance and protect vessels.

Market Drivers: Stringent Regulations for Ensuring Maritime Safety and Security

Governments across the world have implemented stringent regulations for maritime safety and security. Notable among them are the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) by the International Maritime Organization which mandates use of access control, surveillance and detection systems. Compliance with such standards is necessary for ports and vessels to operate internationally. This regulatory push is compelling more players in the maritime industry to procure security solutions for borders, ports and infrastructure.

Market Restraints: High Procurement and Maintenance Costs of Security Systems

One major challenge restraining the maritime security market is the high costs involved in procuring advanced security systems. Technologies providing functions like surveillance, thermal imaging and video analytics come with hefty price tags which cannot be afforded by all vessel owners or port authorities. Additionally, factors like periodic upgrades, maintenance contracts and hiring of specialized personnel also contribute to high operating expenses over time.

Market Restraints: Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities of Systems

Another key concern limiting large scale adoption of maritime security systems is the susceptibility of such networked devices to cyberattacks. Connected security cameras, sensors and access control systems are prone to threats like malware infections, data thefts and technical glitches. This weakens the robustness of the overall security architecture. Absence of stringent regulatory standards for cybersecurity further aggravates such risks of cybercrimes hampering overall market prospects.

Market Opportunities: Integrated Platforms for Unified Vessel and Cargo Management

Vendors have significant opportunities by offering integrated platforms that unify security, tracking and cargo management functions. This helps streamline operations through a single interface for ship owners and ports. Leveraging technologies like IoT, AI and cloud computing could enable capabilities like predictive analytics, remote operational visibility and automated response. Such value-added solutions addressing multiple management facets could accelerate new revenue streams.

Market Opportunities: Expanding Regional Markets Through Partnerships

While traditional markets in North America and Europe dominate current revenues, collaborative partnerships allow tapping emerging geographies. Vendors can leverage local technical expertise and distribution networks to penetrate high growth though relatively price-sensitive Asian and Latin American countries. Joint ventures also help address specific cultural needs and regulations. This facilitates global market expansion in the long run with lower investments.

In summation, factors like growing incidences of piracy, stringent safety regulations and needs for unified vessel management present compelling opportunities for maritime security solutions providers. However, high costs challenges and cybersecurity vulnerabilities require innovative solutions and business models for sustained market momentum. Collaborations will be key to penetrate new regional strongholds.

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Key Developments:

  • In June 2023, India and the Philippines announced a partnership to improve maritime security. This expanded defense partnership will allow the Philippines to obtain defense equipment through a concessional line of credit, and includes the establishment of a resident Defense Attaché office in Manila, with consideration of India's offer.
  • In January 2022, Elbit Systems Sweden agreed to provide combat management systems to the Royal Swedish Navy. These systems will enhance underwater and surface tracking capabilities using real-time data, live video streaming, and imagery data, improving operational capabilities and decision-making during mine countermeasure missions.

Key Players:

BAE Systems PLC, Elbit Systems, Honeywell, Leonardo, Northrop Grumman, OSI Systems Inc., Raytheon Anschutz, Smiths Group PLC, Thales Group, Westminster Group, SAAB AB, Leonardo S.p.A , Terma AS , Nuctech Company Limited

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