The global PEDOT market was valued at US$ 3,519,867.1 in 2018, according to PEDOT Market Report, by Polymer Type (Clevios P, Clevios S, and Clevios PH), by Application (Antistatic Packaging Trays, Antistatic Coating, Flexible Displays/OTFT Backplanes, Electrochromic Displays, and Touch Panels), and by Region (North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Middle East & Africa), published by . The global PEDOT market is expected to reach US$ 7,219,906.7 by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 8.4% over the forecast period (2019-2027). This is attributed to the ability of the PEDOT to replace indium tin oxide (ITO)-based designs. Demand of PEDOT for designing capacitive switch designs is increasing significantly. Capacitive sensing technologies have application in various sectors such as consumer electronics, automotive, as well as other industrial applications. PEDOT are capable of improving sensing technology and it also enhances the robustness of the surface and circuit along with capacitive sensing signal integrity. However, the company’s manufacturing PEDOT incur high cost of manufacturing along with cost of acquiring raw materials such as 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene and styrene sulfonate. Furthermore, the stability of the production process of such polymers is very low, which results in capacitance drop of numerous charge-discharge cycles. This is expected to restrain demand for PEDOT within the industrial applications. To know the latest trends and insights prevalent in this market, click the link below: Browse 50 market data tables* and 40 figures* on "PEDOT Market” - Global forecast to 2027. Key Trends and Analysis of the PEDOT Market: PEDOT offers various advantages over conventional conductive polymers, which in turn has resulted in increasing adoption of PEDOT. Key players in the market are focused on strategies such as acquisitions, in order to enhance their market share. For instance, in 2016, Suzhou Yacoo Science Co., Ltd. acquired Shandong Andot New Material Technology Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of conductive polymers and chemicals. This acquisition helped Suzhou Yacoo Science Co., Ltd. to expand its product portfolio in Asia Pacific. Key Takeaways of the Market:                             

  • Among applications, the antistatic packaging segment is expected to witness significant market growth over the forecast period. Antistatic packaging composed up of PEDOT polymers provide an effective shield to electronic devices against electromagnetic disturbances that can affect overall performance and shelf life of electronic devices.
  • Moreover, PEDOT has applications in various electronic devices. However, it is still expected to face challenges within its applications for the healthcare industry owing to its lower biocompatibility. Therefore, researchers are focused on developing biocompatible PEDOT material. For instance, according to the research article, ‘Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) Derivatives: Innovative Conductive Polymers for Bioelectronics’ published in the Journal of Polymers in 2017, synthesis of PEDOT along with biopolymers such as PEDOT:DNA, PEDOT:heparin, and PEDOT:pectin among others offers better biocompatibility and therefore offers growth opportunities for biosensor manufacturers.
  • Despite lower market share, Latin America expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period, owing to increasing demand from various end-use industries such as healthcare, solar energy, automotive, and electronics among others is expected to drive the growth of the market. This growth can also be attributed to the properties of PEDOT polymer such as stability and conductivity.
  • Key players are adopting inorganic business strategies such as product launches with the objective of strengthening their foothold in the global market. For instance, in November 2017, Heraeus Holding launched Clevios HY E, a new conductive polymer, which is used for manufacturing flexible and foldable displays of smartphones and printed capacitive touch sensors. It is an improved hybrid product made of silver nanowires and conductive polymer PEDOT:PSS that reduces sheet resistance on flexible and foldable touchscreens. This product has helped Heraeus Holding to expand its consumer base and product portfolio in the global market.
  • Major players operating in the global PEDOT market include Heraeus Holding, Ossila Limited, Nanoshel LLC, Nagase ChemteX Corporation, Suzhou Yacoo Science Co., Ltd., Agfa-Gevaert N.V. and Qingdao Topwell Chemical Materials Co., Ltd.



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