Top Marketing Strategies Employed By Online Poker Companies

Oct, 2022 - by CMI

Top Marketing Strategies Employed By Online Poker Companies

Marketing strategies may differ from industry to industry. But if you're hoping to market your business, it pays to seek examples from other industries that have successfully attracted their target consumers.

One of these industries is the online poker industry, which is expected to thrive for many years. In fact, our Online Gambling and Betting Market Analysis points out that online games like poker, bingo, and sports betting will 
witness significant growth within the next five years. While a high level of accessibility plays a crucial role in this market growth, our analysis also reveals that mobile applications offer large wagers and continuously updated betting rates to attract their target consumers. It’s proven to be successful, given that countries like Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, and Ghana are now relaxing their laws and regulations for online poker.

Likewise, the US is slowly warming up to online poker. Americans can legally 
play online poker for real money as long as they are in Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, or Pennsylvania. As such, various websites are putting their best foot forward by giving players the chance to win a World Series of Poker online bracelet or even participate in special tournaments from their PCs and mobile phones. These companies are successful in marketing because the industry is experiencing plenty of growth in the US. The iGaming industry delivered $447m in Pennsylvania in May 2022, with online poker accounting for $2.8m. Poker has a reach within the iGaming sector because companies employ good marketing tactics to deliver important messages to their potential customer.

What do online poker companies do within their marketing that others do not? Can you learn a lesson from these outlets? It's certainly possible when you look at these three points.

Online Content

Online poker companies provide poker for profit; that's the bare facts of the industry. They wish to market their services to you in a way that draws you to their site, but they sometimes go about that in a roundabout way. For instance, plenty of people come to online poker without much experience; they've maybe watched the World Series of Poker or Molly's Game and decided to give it a go. These people need guides, such as hand rankings and explanations of the different variants. That's where additional content comes in; a poker provider will seek to attract new players, even via their blog page, from where they subtly redirect you.

Special Offers

Using special offers for new players is not groundbreaking, but it seems more often than not in the growing online casino industry. Usually, this is done via free spins on a slot machine, but poker providers offer free chips to players to get them playing. The strategy is simple; if you market an offer as giving a playing something for nothing, they'll come along and take advantage of that. Now, if your site or app is good enough, once they've tasted what you provide, they stick around as a paying customer, and the marketing department's job is done.

User Experience

There are multiple facets to user experience (known as UX), and online poker companies are great at using a couple. UX within marketing is the second level; usually, it is a form of marketing done after you've signed up. Maybe you've signed up and are playing the free offers, but the company knows that's just as crucial for their business; it's not just about attracting customers but retaining them. For example, once you're playing, you may require assistance from the helpdesk; good poker providers will have a manned chat. If you're dealt with quickly, it gives you confidence that the company you're using are reputable. Also, they have AI running in the background sometimes, which helps ascertain your skill level. They can then match you with players of similar skills, thus making your experience more competitive.


These are just three ways online poker, a growing industry worldwide, markets its services. With more people playing than ever before, it is important to capture customers in any way possible and ensure they're retained, which seems to be something online poker does very well. Perhaps there's a lesson for your next marketing campaign, whatever industry you're in.