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Market Size and Trends

The global breast implants market is estimated to be valued at USD 1.54 Bn in 2024 and is expected to reach USD 2.13 Bn by 2031, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.7% from 2024 to 2031.

Breast Implants Market Key Factors

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Technological advancements in breast implants to enhance safety, durability, and natural appearance are expected to boost demand for breast implants. The rising awareness about breast aesthetics among women globally and the availability of advanced breast implants are fueling the market growth. Furthermore, the increasing acceptance of breast augmentation and reconstructive surgeries owing to their ability to restore confidence, improve self-esteem, and treat breast deformities is driving demand.

Increasing Research and Development Activities by Key Market Players

Increasing research and development activities for faster recovery and less post-operative pain are expected to drive the market growth over the forecast period. For instance, in April 2021, Establishment Labs completed the enrolment of 100 patients in Motiva MIA IRB study, the study demonstrates a significant advancement in breast aesthetics, relative to traditional augmentation surgery, MIA offers a shorter procedure time without the need for general anesthesia, reduced recovery time, and lower post-operative pain.         

Market Concentration and Competitive Landscape

Breast Implants Market Concentration By Players

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Increasing Preference for Aesthetics

The rising trend of aesthetic enhancements such as breast implants stems from the growing preference for beauty and physical attractiveness in modern times. While implants were traditionally obtained for reconstructive purposes, more women are now opting for elective cosmetic procedures to enhance certain body features. Breast implants play a key role in enhancing femininity, boosting confidence and self-esteem. They provide an instant lift to the bosom that many perceive as a key element of beauty. With growing exposure to idealized portrayals in mass media such as films, television, and social media, people are increasingly dissatisfied with their natural physique. There is immense pressure, especially in western cultures, to attain perfect looks that conform to widely accepted beauty standards. Women associate large breasts with concepts of desirability, sexuality, and youthfulness. Implants help achieve the hourglass figure stereotyped as the most attractive female shape. Moreover, the advent of cheaper and safer silicone implants has demystified the procedure, bringing it within financial reach of middle-income groups as well. Many take the help of implants to feel attractive and competent in their personal and professional lives. The desire for physical perfection, propelled by evolving social mores, is a major factor driving the rising popularity of breast augmentation globally.

Breast Implants Market Key Takeaways From Lead Analyst

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Market Challenges – Risk Associated With Breast Implants

The risk associated with breast implants, such as breast pain, changes in nipple, additional surgeries, and breast implants associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), connective tissue disease, issue in breast feeding, and capsular contracture factors, are expected to hinder the growth of the global breast implants market over the forecast period. For instance, in 2020, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 36,367 breast implant removals (augmentation patients only) were performed in the U.S.

Market Opportunities – Increasing Awareness Campaigns by Key Market Players

Increasing adoption of inorganic growth strategies, such as launch of awareness campaigns, is expected to offer lucrative growth opportunities in the market. For instance, in October 2021, Abbvie, Inc., a global pharmaceutical company, announced that it had launched “Power of You” breast cancer campaign. This campaign aims to celebrate patients’ courage and inner strength and also empowers them with information about their breast reconstruction choices.

Breast Implants Market By Product Type

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Insights, By Product Type: Safety and Affordability Drives the Saline Implant Dominance

The product type segment includes saline implant and silicone implant. The saline implant sub-segment is estimated to hold 61.4% of the market share in 2024 owing to their safety profile and price. Saline implants contain sterile salt water that is inserted into a silicone elastomer shell during surgery. This filling method makes saline implants less prone to leaks over time compared to silicone gel-filled varieties. Their simplified composition also means saline implants tend to be more affordable for patients. Avoiding toxic silicone gel reduces manufacturing costs which are passed onto consumers. Saline implants remain a popular introductory choice for first-time augmentation patients. Their reversible nature appeals to those uncertain about permanently altering breast size and shape. Should size or appearance ever need adjusting, saline implants can easily be replaced through revision surgery. This flexibility addresses concerns and gives patients peace of mind about their initial procedure decision.

Insights, By Application: Focus on Cosmetic Enhancement Fuels Breast Augmentation Dominance

The application segment includes breast augmentation and breast reconstruction. The breast augmentation sub-segment is estimated to hold 28.4% of the market share in 2024 owing to growing social acceptance of cosmetic procedures. As cultural ideals of beauty promote fullness in media and fashion, augmentation satisfies renewed interest in breast aesthetics from both younger patients and new generations of mature women. It allows enhancement without bodily risks or recovery time compared to pregnancy/breastfeeding. Rising disposable incomes in developed nations contribute to broader access to the affordability of augmentation abroad. Medical tourism further creates opportunities for cost-conscious clients willing to travel. Meanwhile in conservative areas, tacit approval or overlooked procedures mean augmentations quietly proceed as cultural taboos slip. This facilitates private satisfaction of aesthetic desire seemingly impervious to criticism there. Reconstruction focuses on medical necessity rather than elective improvement. It restores form and function damaged by trauma, disease, or genetics rather than enhances normal breasts. While its humanitarian purpose remains critically important, market forces steer more demand toward enhancement advertising larger and perkier as ideals. Reconstruction will likely maintain stability serving needs while augmentation secures more dynamic growth in cosmetic markets.

Insights, By End User: Established Provider Networks Draw Patients to Hospitals

The end user segment includes hospitals, clinics, and others. The hospitals sub-segment is estimated to hold 47.1% of the market share in 2024 due the availability of specialized operating theaters, qualified surgeons, and staff. Their scope of infrastructure and expertise make hospitals the natural choice for definitive implant procedures. On-site operating rooms equipped with imaging, anesthesia, and postoperative care teams provide all logistics under one certified setting. Some clinics perform basic augmentation or minor revisional operations but major reconstructive needs usually require comprehensive hospital resources. Their credentialed plastic/reconstructive surgeons remain the “gold standard” of care. Patients assured of quality prioritize reputable hospital networks despite sometimes higher costs versus private clinics. Convenience also factors as support networks help stay near care during recovery. Hospitals further invest in services attracting referrals such as counseling, implant product demonstrations, financing coordination, and follow up options. Some develop niche specialties like post-mastectomy reconstruction centers are fostering trust as centers of excellence. Overall, their established infrastructure and patient-centered models sustain hospitals as the preferred end user channel in an image-conscious industry.

Regional Insights

Breast Implants Market Regional Insights

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North America remains the dominant region in the global breast implants market and is estimated to hold 42.7% of the market share in 2024. The presence of key industry players and their large-scale operations have driven the market growth. Companies like Allergan and Sientra have significantly expanded their manufacturing and distribution footprint across countries like the U.S. and Canada. Their aggressive marketing campaigns have resulted in wider acceptance and higher sales volumes in the region. Apart from a strong industry presence, access to advanced medical technology and skilled surgeons have made North America an attractive destination for cosmetic surgeries. The ease of financing options for breast augmentation procedures has further boosted the consumer base. This has allowed the region to charge a small premium over international prices as customers are able to afford the higher costs. Stringent regulatory approvals have also ensured product and procedure safety standards that build consumer confidence.

Asia Pacific has emerged as the fastest growing regional market fueled by rapidly developing economies. Countries like China, Japan, South Korea, and India are witnessing a significant rise in discretionary spending on aesthetic and cosmetic surgeries. While import dependence is currently high due to limited local manufacturing, several industry players have initiated capacity expansion drives to tap the massive market potential. International players see Asia as a strategic region to expand with lower manufacturing overheads and an abundant skilled workforce available at competitive pay scales. They have partnered with local distributors to efficiently distribute and market products. This has not only increased affordability through cost optimization but also made products more compatible with cultural preferences through customized offerings. The overall growth is further aided by growing medical tourism and rising health awareness among the expanding wealthy middle-class population. Overall, Asia Pacific's growing stature as both a lucrative production and consumption market for breast implants is evident.

Market Report Scope

Breast Implants Market Report Coverage

Report Coverage Details
Base Year: 2023 Market Size in 2024: US$ 1.54 Bn
Historical Data for: 2019 To 2023 Forecast Period: 2024 To 2031
Forecast Period 2024 to 2031 CAGR: 4.7% 2031 Value Projection: US$ 2.13 Bn
Geographies covered:
  • North America: U.S. and Canada
  • Latin America: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Rest of Latin America
  • Europe: Germany, U.K., Spain, France, Italy, Russia, and Rest of Europe
  • Asia Pacific: China, India, Japan, Australia, South Korea, ASEAN, and Rest of Asia Pacific
  • Middle East: GCC Countries, Israel, and Rest of Middle East
  • Africa: South Africa, North Africa, and Central Africa
Segments covered:
  • By Product Type: Saline Implant and Silicone Implant
  • By Shape: Round and Anatomical
  • By Application: Breast Augmentation and Breast Reconstruction
  • By Texture: Smooth and Textured
  • By End User: Hospitals, Clinics, and Others 
Companies covered:

Abbvie, Inc., Ideal Implant Inc, GC Aesthetics, Shanghai Kangning Medical Device Co., Ltd, Polytech Health & Aesthetics GmbH, Mentor Worldwide LLC, Laboratoires Anios, CEREPLAS, Establishment Labs S.A., GROUPE SEBBIN SAS, HansBiomed Co., Ltd, Sientra, Inc., Sebbin, Arion Laboratories, Establishment Labs SA, Silimed, and CollPlant Biotechnologies

Growth Drivers:
  • Increasing Research and Development Activities by Key Market Players
  • Increasing Preference for Aesthetics
Restraints & Challenges:
  • Risk Associated With Breast Implants
  • High Cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Key Developments

  • On March 19, 2024, The Aesthetic Society, the leading authority on aesthetic plastic surgery, and The Aesthetic Foundation, the philanthropic research and education arm of The Aesthetic Society, announced the launch of the American Registry for Breast Implant Surveillance (ARISE), powered by their innovative Aesthetic One app. ARISE revolutionizes the landscape of breast implant registries by partnering with Aesthetic One, an FDA-recognized app dedicated to digital registration of breast implant devices used in aesthetic and reconstructive cases
  • On January 2, 2024, CollPlant Biotechnologies, a regenerative and aesthetics medicine company, announced its initiation of a pre-clinical trial to evaluate commercial-size, 3D-bioprinted, regenerative breast implants. Currently, there are no commercial products that allow regeneration of soft tissues such as the breast.
  • In February 2022, CELLINK, a BICO Group company and CollPlant Biotechnologies, a regenerative and aesthetic medicine company, announced a collaboration agreement. Under the terms of agreement, CELLINK's high-throughput, multi-material extrusion bioprinter will be explored for the development of large-scale production of CollPlant's 3D bioprinted regenerative breast implants,
  • In May 2021, GC Aesthetics, a medical technology company, announced the launch of its next generation of breast implants, PERLE. PERLE is a highly innovative line of smooth breast implants that features a proprietary surface technology (BioQ)

*Definition: Breast implants are prosthetic devices used in breast augmentation surgery to increase the size, shape, and contour of a person's breasts. Breast implants are typically silicone shells filled with either saline (sterile salt water) or silicone gel. They are surgically inserted under the breast tissue or chest muscle to restore, augment, or enhance the appearance of the breasts.

Market Segmentation

  •  Product Type Insights (Revenue, USD Bn, 2019 - 2031)
    • Saline Implant
    • Silicone Implant
  •  Shape Insights (Revenue, USD Bn, 2019 - 2031)
    • Round
    • Anatomical
  •  Application Insights (Revenue, USD Bn, 2019 - 2031)
    • Breast Augmentation
    • Breast Reconstruction
  •  Texture Insights (Revenue, USD Bn, 2019 - 2031)
    • Smooth
    • Textured
  •  End User Insights (Revenue, USD Bn, 2019 - 2031)
    • Hospitals
    • Clinics
    • Others
  • Regional Insights (Revenue, USD Bn, 2019 - 2031)
    • North America
      • U.S.
      • Canada
    • Latin America
      • Brazil
      • Argentina
      • Mexico
      • Rest of Latin America
    • Europe
      • Germany
      • U.K.
      • Spain
      • France
      • Italy
      • Russia
      • Rest of Europe
    • Asia Pacific
      • China
      • India
      • Japan
      • Australia
      • South Korea
      • ASEAN
      • Rest of Asia Pacific
    • Middle East
      • GCC Countries
      • Israel
      • Rest of Middle East
    • Africa
      • South Africa
      • North Africa
      • Central Africa
  • Key Players Insights
    • Abbvie, Inc.
    • Ideal Implant Inc
    • GC Aesthetics
    • Shanghai Kangning Medical Device Co., Ltd
    • Polytech Health & Aesthetics GmbH
    • Mentor Worldwide LLC
    • Laboratoires Anios
    • CEREPLAS, Establishment Labs S.A.
    • HansBiomed Co., Ltd
    • Sientra, Inc.
    • Sebbin

Frequently Asked Questions

The CAGR of the breast implants market is projected to be 4.7% from 2024 to 2031.

Increasing research and development activities by key market players and increasing preference for aesthetics are the major factor driving the growth of the breast implants market.

Risks associated with breast implants and high cost of breast augmentation surgery are the major factors hampering the growth of the breast implants market.

In terms of product type, saline implant is estimated to dominate the market revenue share in 2024.

Abbvie, Inc., Ideal Implant Inc, GC Aesthetics, Shanghai Kangning Medical Device Co., Ltd, Polytech Health & Aesthetics GmbH, Mentor Worldwide LLC, Laboratoires Anios, CEREPLAS, Establishment Labs S.A., GROUPE SEBBIN SAS, HansBiomed Co., Ltd, Sientra, Inc., Sebbin, Arion Laboratories, Establishment Labs SA, Silimed, and CollPlant Biotechnologies are the major players.

North America is expected to lead the breast implants market.

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