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Coil coating is a method in which an organic coating material is applied on rolled metal strip in a continuous and automated process. The process includes cleaning along with chemical pre-treatment of the metal surface, which either one side or two side, single or multiple application of liquid paints or coating powders, which are subsequently cured or laminated with plastic films before manufacturing in to end product. Coil coating makes use of effective principle, such as cleaning, pretreating, pre priming, pre painting and coating flat metal coils or sheets of steel or aluminum in a continuous operation, before other stages of industrial manufacture. The steel or aluminum substrates are delivered in coil form with 700 feet per minute. A flat sheet allows mechanical cleaning, excellent control of coating weights for pretreatment along with the paint depending upon equipment and paint system being applied. Coil coating process includes, back coat, top coat and primers, which is available in wide range of colors and finishes that can be applied to Steel or aluminum coils with the help of rolls. 

Steps involved in coil coating process includes, uncoiling of bare material, coil splicing with accumulating the stack, metal degreasing, cleaning, rinsing with chemical pretreatment, drying the strip, applying primer on one or both sides, curing (15 to 60 seconds), cooling the strip, top coating on one or both sides, second curing, cooling down to room temperature, and finally rewinding of the coated coil. Coil coating provides, durable surfaces with attractive topcoats. They are cost effective and eco-friendly as compared to other substrates and coil coating options.  

Coil Coatings Market Taxonomy

On the basis of product type, the global market is classified into:

  • Plastisols
  • Polyurethane (PU)
  • Polyester
  • Polyvinylidine Fluorides (PVDF)
  • Silicone Modified Polyester

On the basis of application, the global market is classified into:

  • Automobile
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Consumer goods

Coil coatings have building applications such as, wall cladding, roofing of buildings, decorative details and lighting fixtures.  Transport applications such as, sheet and panels for containers, caravan and mobile home sidings and interior, van and trailer bodies, insulated boxes, road and railway coaches. They have applications in appliance and general industry which includes, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, microwave, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning equipment. They are also used in film laminate, which require a very high specular reflectance, such as fluorescent light fixtures, solar tubes, and reflectors. The principal application segments for coil coatings are steel and aluminum.  Increasing steel and aluminum demand in construction and transportation industries is expected to promote coil coatings market, while domestic building is a more recent market to be tackled.

Coil Coatings Market Outlook – Increasing Demand of Downstream Industries to be the Major Market Driver  

According to IBEF, the Indian automotive industry is expected to be valued at US$ 300 billion by 2026. This trend is expected to be followed over the forecast period. Purpose of IBEF is to promote and create international awareness of goods manufactured in India. Asia Pacific and North America are expected to be the most potential markets for Coil Coatings manufacturers. Asia pacific is the fastest growing segment due to its high economic growth rate and heavy investment in building, construction and appliances. Government proposals for development of infrastructure, and rising housing market in developing countries is expected to drive the coil coatings market.

Need for cost effective and durable coatings are firing the demand for coil coatings, especially in Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. Replacement of metals by plastics is one of the inhibiting factors for coil coating market. AkzoNobel, a leading coatings and paints manufacturer inaugurated a new coatings plant in Noida, Uttar Pradesh with an investment of US$ 46.5 million (INR 3 crore), the new facility has added 6000 kl of annual production in coatings. This will help the company to penetrate the Asia Pacific market and increase supply chain. Major companies operating in the coil coatings industry include BASF SE, Henkel AG & Company, DuPont, The Beckers Group, Kansai Paint Chemical Limited, AkzoNobel, PPG Industries Inc., The Sherwin-Williams Company, and Wacker Chemie AG.

Key Developments

Increasing research and development activities related to coil coatings is expected to boost the market growth. For instance, in May 2018, researchers from University of Liverpool, U.K., developed biomass-derived polyester coatings for coil applications.

Key players in the market are focused on launching new products to expand their product portfolio. For instance, in April 2019, Beckers Group launched ‘The Turning Point’, a portfolio of new coatings for consumer goods and lifestyle appliances.

However, increase in prices of coil coatings is expected to hinder the market growth. For instance, in December 2018, Beckers Group announced global price increase on coil and industrial coatings.

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