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The gauze sponges are the disposable medical materials are mainly made up of gauze and these gauze are made up of cotton and non-woven materials. These gauze sponges are used in different medical procedures such as to clean wounds, to absorb blood during surgical procedures. These gauze sponges are called as swabs in some countries. The X-ray detectable gauze sponges are used during major and minor surgery, wound packing and open wound dressing. These gauze sponges includes X-ray detectable material, it may be yarn or ribbon having sufficient density to provide and acceptable degree of contrast on a medical X-ray, continuous filament impregnated with barium sulfate and are come up in two types sterile and non-sterile same as other gauze sponges. The above mentioned properties of the product are expected to favor the growth in X-ray detectable gauze sponges market over the forecast period.

For counting the sponge in operation room, for identification of the X-ray detectable element and to trace the sponge when flooded with blood during surgical procedure, the X-ray detectable element is ideally made with suitable color which contrast sharply with blood, preferably of blue color element used.

As the monofilament material provides well-defined X-ray contrast than bulkier yarns with lower levels of barium sulfate, the monofilament is preferred more. However, an advantage of the yarn is, during the hydraulic intertwine process it becomes intimately intertwist with the fibrous web materials and thereby forms an integral part of the nonwoven fabric.

The benefit of using X-ray detectable swab is to avoid the patient from additional operative procedure in cases when a swab remains in the body of patient after closure. As the trend is growing to use other devices than X-ray equipment during surgery or in wound closure, to search the retained surgical items in the body of patient prior to closure. In this cases it is the responsibility of the healthcare professional to confirm that the products or system used to search are capable for the detection of foreign material into body.

X-ray detectable gauze sponges market taxonomy:

By Product Type

  • Sterile X-ray detectable gauze sponges
  • Non-sterile X-ray detectable gauze sponges

By End User

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers

By Geography

  • North America
  • Europe
  • APAC
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • Africa

The increasing surgical procedures and wound closure treatments will support the growth of X-ray detectable gauze sponges market

North America accounts major market share of X-ray detectable gauze sponges market as, the number of surgeries performed yearly is highest in this region also the awareness about the X-ray detectable gauze sponge among healthcare professionals is high. The market is followed by Europe and Asia Pacific region, as the number of surgical operation increasing in these regions, also high growth in X-ray detectable gauze sponges market is expected in APAC region in the near future as the developing healthcare facilities and raised awareness about gossypibomas. Gossypibomas are the surgical sponges which are left inside of the patient body unintentionally during surgical procedure.

According to Frontline Medical Communications Inc., in 2017, around 2000 cases of retained surgical item observed yearly in United States, which happens only due to the unintentional mistake of healthcare professionals. As per The Canadian medical protective association, the rise in cases of retained surgical items has been increased from 118 in 2006 to 167 in 2012. This in turn is expected to support the growth in X-ray detectable gauze sponges market in the near future.

As per NoThing Left Behind (an educational site anticipated for the use of healthcare organizations to prevent retained surgical items), cotton gauze surgical sponge is accounting major cases in retained surgical items.

Rising cases of gossypibomas and increased surgical procedures around the globe are the major driving factors behind the growth of X-ray detectable gauze sponges market. However, less awareness in emerging countries and high cost of X-ray detectable gauze sponges are the growth restraining factors of X-ray detectable gauze sponges industry. The cost of X-ray detectable gauze sponges is relatively high than normal sponges as they come up with X-ray detectable material.

The major market players in X-ray detectable gauze sponges market are Johnson & Johnson, 3M, Medtronic, Baxter Healthcare, BSN medical, Paul Hartmann AG, Medline Industries, Dynarex Corporation, Smith & Nephew and Winner Medical Group Inc.

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