A Moderator Will Be Available on Instagram For Live Video Sessions

Dec, 2021 - by CMI


Instagram is going to add a new feature of adding a moderator to help users with their live video streaming.

The social media platform, Instagram is going to add a new feature to their live video program. By using this feature, users can add a moderator to their live videos. These moderators can control the comments on live videos as well as they can post questions and requests on these live videos.

Alessandro Paluzzi, the engineer is working on this feature to add it to the platform. He stated that only one moderator could be able to add one live session at a time. This is inspired by Twitter’s co-hosting feature, which allows two users to co-host any space. Currently, adding a moderator to the live stream is not a feature that can be used easily. Various content creators and the Instagram team are trying very hard to make this feature as useful as possible.

Along with the update on the live platform, Instagram is also adding a feature to give “Like” reaction to a story. Beta testing of this feature has already started in August. For the last few months, the organization has been inducting into a showing of this feature. The implementation of this feature is still unclear. This feature will provide the number of likes that will be displayed in the stories section of stories viewers. The like button will appear on the viewer’s list.

The future of these features is still unclear at the time, the Instagram platform will decide after they see the results of the beta test. The organization will take a longer time for implementation. The feature of moderators for live streaming will be useful for content creators, artists, and social media influencers. Also, the like button on stories will be good for the algorithm of Instagram.