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Researchers Found Way to Reverse Signs of Aging

Aug, 2020

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Experiments with human cell cultures suggest that related signaling pathways may also be present in humans.

Reverse aging technology may increase lifespan, as well as healthspan. It will continuously restore vitality and physical functioning by eliminating the damage caused by the processes of life. Shrinking muscles and the increasing abdominal girth are two common side effects of aging. Now, the researchers have found a receptor in mice that regulates both effects. The research team from the University of Bonn has discovered a new way to reverse some signs of aging in mice. By triggering receptors in the form of rapid burning of fat, the team delivered more muscle and less fat to older animals, making them as healthy as young mice.

Moreover, the team hopes this approach may help reverse signs of aging in Humans. Experiments with human cell cultures suggest that related signaling pathways may also be present in humans. The research involved researchers from the United States, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, and Spain. The human body can easily burn out brown fat compared to white fat, which the body packs on to store excess energy. Over the past few years, the researchers have been looking for promising ways to convert white fat to brown fat.

However, now, the researchers have found a new way to increase its benefits. Brown fat contains many A2B receptors, and the team examined why that might be the case. This suggests that A2B receptors are enhancing the activity of brown fat. During this research, the team gave an agonist to the older mice that activates the A2B receptor. The researchers found that these mice lost more body fat. The mice do not lose much weight, however, they were gaining muscle mass. Moreover, the team found that muscle cells also contain many A2B receptors on their surface. The A2B receptor agonists can be used to find signs of reverse aging. The research was published in the Cell Metabolism journal.



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