A New Project to Monitor and Secure the Ocean Digitally

May, 2021 - by CMI


To save the future Earth and the blue economy a detailed observation and understanding of the ocean is achieved digitally, which will help the people to understand, predict, protect and monitor the ocean.

The present capability of the society is to diminish and to adapt the future impact of the climate that is dependent upon the accuracy that the people can detect. Each individual notify that they are missing the observation of the consistent ocean more than 90% of the world’s ocean. Thus the (Ocean Twilight Zone) OTZ network of observation will help the people to understand better on ocean carbon cycle and its effect on the climate. While connecting the cloud-based storage and machine learning and artificial intelligence and robotics, these all drive a revolution to observe and monitor the ocean at a scale.

The climate is changing along with the ocean which is important in both observing, understanding, developing and monitoring solutions to the climate crisis. These changes directly affect every aspect every aspect of future and present human sustainability which includes extreme changes in weather condition. Thus the crops yield along with the fish and coastal induction. Thus the ocean is not fully observed as it is vast and deep and it exerts a critical forcing function on the climate system. It transport, absorb and stores large amount of carbon and heat. The world without the absorbing heat that the ocean gives would be inhospitable. The Earth's normal surface temperature could surpass 120° F without the sea's heat retaining characteristics.

Thus the ocean has absorbed more than 93% of the excess heat that has emitted from burning of greenhouse gases. Moreover the OTZ mission is developing a model of small, economical, autonomous sensors to productively and adequately study vast sea measures, and then again assembling and sending a show OTZ network of observation which is arranged in North Atlantic Ocean. An incredible conjunction of new tools with a worldwide call for activity is determining a vision of accomplishing and observing the ocean.   As an enhancement to this idea, The Industry researcher have recently started the United Nations "Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development".