According To The Managing Director, IBM Predicts Double-Digit Growth For Software And Technology In India.

Jun, 2023 - by CMI

IBM India Managing Director Sandip Patel told BT that the software and technology industries in India may expect double-digit growth in the next years.

According to IBM's Managing Director, software and technology in India would rise by double digits in the next years. The internet giant is eager to invest in India because it sees huge potential in the local market.

Throughout the course of its 25 years in India, IBM has become a technological industry leader. The organization collaborates with Indian enterprises and the government to promote growth and innovation in the country's digital economy.

Sandip Patel, managing director of IBM India and South Asia, spoke positively of the Indian market's prospects in a recent interview. Patel spoke on how digital solutions are in great demand in India and how businesses can use technology to gain an edge.

Patel claims that the government's push toward digitization and the rising acceptance of cloud-based solutions would cause software and technology to expand at a double-digit rate in India. He continued by saying that IBM is prepared to take advantage of this expansion and is dedicated to assisting companies on their digital transformation paths.

Patel also discussed IBM's investments in India, such as the company's introduction of the first IBM Quantum System One in the Asia-Pacific region in Hyderabad. The Quantum System One is an advanced quantum computer that can aid in the resolution of issues that are too difficult for classical computers to handle alone.

Along with the Indian government and other interested parties, IBM has been heavily involved in skilling and reskilling efforts in the country. In order to prepare Indian workers for the demands of the digital economy, the business has been providing training in cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and cloud computing.

Finally, the Managing Director of IBM is optimistic about the future of the software and technology industries in India. The corporation plans to spend heavily in the Indian market because of its huge potential. IBM is in a prime position to assist Indian businesses and the government in their digital transformation efforts due to the breadth and depth of its technical knowledge and experience.