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Agrochem Industry Opposes Pesticide Ban

Sep, 2020

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Pradip Dave, President, PMFAI announced that the ban will reduce India's export capacity by around 50% and also hand over a market of around Rs 12,000 crore to China.

In May 2020, The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare (the Government of India) has issued an order to ban the use of 27 insecticides and pesticides in the country. The order prohibits distribution, transport, sale, manufacturing, and import of 27 pesticides such as Sulfosulfuron, Quinalphos, Pendimethalin, Oxyfluorfen, Methomyl, Mancozeb, Malathion, Diuron, Dinocap, Dimethoate, Dicofol, Deltamethrin, Chlorpyriphos, Carbofuran, 4D, Captan, Butachlor, Benfuracarb, Atrazine, and Acephate in India. However, on June 17, experts from the agrochemical industry demanded a phase-out plan instead of banning 27 pesticides.

According to industry experts, the sudden decision to ban 27 pesticides will affect the farmers who have been using the above-mentioned products for a long time. The announcement was the accumulation of the long-pending process initiated by Anupam Varma committee. Moreover, the government had given 45 days (June 27) to the industry and companies manufacturing the above-mentioned chemicals to register any objections or suggestions. Now, the manufacturers of the above-mentioned pesticides have threatened the government that they will take action or be taken to court if the government bans 27 pesticides in India.

The government had decided to ban 27 pesticides because those pesticides are harmful to animals and humans. According to the industry sources, the government’s move of banning some pesticides supports the idea of ‘Make in India’. The government had also banned the use18 pesticides in India in 2018. Moreover, around 63 countries have already banned the use of the above-mentioned 27 pesticides. However, the replacement of these may cost about 6 times more and may put a burden on the farmers in India. Pradip Dave, President of the Pesticides Manufacturers and Formulators Association announced that the ban will reduce India's export capacity by around 50% and also hand over a market of around Rs 12,000 crore to China.

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