AI Powered Scooters Enforce Speed Limits Automatically

May, 2022 - by CMI

The new Pedestrian Shield system auto-adjusts speed limits of rental scooters based on the path they are being used such as footpath or road using AI powered analysis and cameras

Beam is launching AI powered scooters that uses camera and the AI system as wells as GPS to enforce speed limits or no-ride zones automatically depending on the path its being used such as the footpath or the road. The company is launching the scooter in capitals of Australia to test the technology in its rental fleets.

Pedestrian Shield system includes Drover AI Path Pilot system that identifies streets, bike lanes, and sidewalks using only camera data, so the people don’t have to tag areas for the GPS-based system. With this, operators can enforce the required speed limits according to them. Beams scooter allows 15 mph (25 km/h) and 9mph (15 km/h) on footpaths. The Drover AI system used in the scooter can validate the parking of the scooter in proper spots with the use of same analysis used for roads. The system can identify whether the scooter is parked next to bike racks, assigned scooter spot or in two feet of a curb. Similarly, if the scooters are lost in places with poor GPS signals, the AI system disables them in such environments.

The AI technology used in these scooters is designed also for rental ebikes. However, this technology could not be suited to everyone as it may slow down the scooter or stop it when the user needs it to go faster. Yet, higher adoption of these bikes would help to reduce carbon footprints produced by use of cars and bikes running on fuel. The phase two of Pedestrian Shield is expected to be launched in middle of 2022 and is likely to include pedestrian collision prevention to detect people on footpaths and e-scooter slowing down the speed to avoid such collision.