Allergic Asthma Can Be Treated By a Certain Kind of Vaccine

May, 2021 - by CMI


Both therapeutic and in prophylactic efficacy were found in the vaccine, named kinoid causing long term relief to the patient and the best part is without any side effect.

Asthma is a most common chronic condition that is very much prevalent in people of almost all the age groups. In most of the cases the patients were having asthma related issues since their childhood. The disease is characterized by the congestion in the airways of the lungs. Asthma induces either inflammation or narrowing of the disease during its progression. The symptoms of this particular disease can vary from person to person.

Upon diagnosis of asthma doctors usually prescribe either a long or a short term medicine plan using inhalers, depending on the condition of a particular patient. Recently a research was carried out regarding the reduction of the effect of the allergic asthma by a vaccine. The vaccine developed for this issue significantly gave long-term relief by improving the condition of the lungs.

As the disease asthma is most common and almost found in almost 340 million people all around the globe. Allergic asthma is the result of acute allergic reaction in the bronchial tube section of the lungs because of the inhalation of certain harmful allergens or dust particles. These allergens and dust particles induces immune response in the body by secretion of antibody IgE (Immunoglobulin E) and other cytokines like IL-4 (Interleukin-4) or IL-13 (Interleukin-13). These immune compounds starts a cascading reaction creating a hypersensitive action in the respiratory tract.

Inhaling corticosteroid is regarded the best form of treatment in chronic asthma, although in case of allergic asthma, it is not enough. Treatment can also be done with different monoclonal antibodies targeting the immune complexes. Still the later treatment method is very costly and require life-long administration.

Scientists from Inserm, Institut Pasteur, and NEOVACS Company has recently proposed a conjugated vaccine, named kinoid by the method of recombination of IL-4, IL-13 and CRM-197 (non-pathogenic mutated form of diphtheria toxin). Preclinical results shows the production of certain antibodies, which is resisting the action of interleukins and also decrease IgE level after its administration.