Amazon unveils new technology – Amazon One

Feb, 2021 - by CMI

The Amazon One scanner is touch-free and generates palm signature for quick payments and gain access.

Amazon is unveiling its own new biometric identification technology which is handy! So now onwards there is no need to carry cards, ID’s and remember pin throughout a day. Amazon One, a scanner that is touch-free and generates palm signature, a free service that lets an individual use their Palm to quickly pay everything, gain access and earn rewards and much more.

Since the palm is unique and can’t be lost or misplaced this technology can get things done quickly and securely. For more experiences amazon-one is getting this done in its own Amazon Go stores.  

Now grabbing a coffee, heading into an office or checking out just covers palm and get work done easily. This is an easy, hassle-free, and inexpensive technology where signing up is free, all it needs is credit card and mobile number while registering which is one time. Once the card is registered on file, entering the store in the future just by holding palm above the Amazon One device would take a second or so.

A technology which is friendly, secure, easy to learn, touch-free and easy to carry is can be crucial in the future. Amazon says, palm pay will be personal and non-public as it can’t determine a person’s identity by scanning image of their palm.

Amazon also says the images are encrypted and sent to a secure area in the cloud, where customers’ palm signatures are created. There aren’t specific details about this process being provided at this time.

Amazon said it plans to expand the technology at its own stores in the coming months and also plans to offer Amazon One to third parties like retail sites, stadiums and office buildings.