Amazon’s Echo Show 15 Releases Its Interface Of Smart Display

Dec, 2022 - by CMI

Amazon Echo Show 15 promises to give its user Fire TV interface of streaming TV and movies.

The new Amazon’s Echo Show 15 offers to its user the grant of Fire TV competencies and contents of Disney+, Peacock, and other related Fire TV apps can be stream on the Amazon Echo Show 15. On other devices, a range of apps like Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube can be stream. But this new release of the Amazon offers new interface twists.

With the help of Alexa and its pair of Alexa Voice Remote Control or with the control of Fire TV apps, specific contents can be opened. It also has a virtual remote in built on the Echo Show 15 itself. A separate controller which fails to recognize touch is not needed. The normal cost of the Echo Show 15 is $250 but Amazon is planning of making a new deal with the Fire TV launch. A new limited time offer includes display of both and the Alexa Voice Remote at a price of $195. However, the existing users can buy the remote at $10 through touch screen.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu is supported on the Echo Show 15 but can only be summoned by Alexa. But this new release brings all the previous apps are brought under one roof with other additional streaming apps like HBO Max, Discovery+ and the Paramount+. The streaming services of the Amazon Echo Show 15 can also be played across via voice. One of the best features of the display is the large screen of the Echo Show 15.It gives the natural experience of watching TV and movies. The camera and the speakers are not so much mentionable. And also there is only some limited range of widgets available. Though it cannot replace the big TV screen but can be used as a mini TV.

 Still, it faced many hindrances to appear as an emergent technology since many people are still finding ways to meet its end in comparison to Amazon’s other Echo products.