Apple Begins the Assembly of iPhone 12 in India, Aims for Domestic as well as Overseas Market

Mar, 2021 - by CMI


On March 10, 2021, Apple announced to commence the production of iPhone 12 at the Foxconn facility located in Tamil Nadu State of India. The launch of this smartphone is expected to take place within next six months.

The American tech-giant, Apple had confirmed the initialization of its latest iPhone smartphone’s production in India. The production of iPhone 12 will be taking place at the Taiwanese electronic manufacturer’s Indian facility, Hon Hai Precision Industry, situated in the state of Tamil Nadu. After producing a total of five iPhone smartphones such as iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11, Apple is set to start the production of sixth iPhone model in India. The iPhone 12 model is the first 5G-based smartphone in the iPhone series that will be manufactured in India. This iPhone 12 model is expected to be priced at US$ 1100, which is higher than the price of this model in the U.S., where it is priced at US$ 910. The reason behind this price difference is the local taxes and tariffs on import duties imposed by the Indian government.

Apple quoted in a statement, “We’re proud to commence the production of iPhone 12 in India for our local customers.” In 2017, the company had started the production of iPhones with iPhone SE in India. Apple had collaborated with local partners in India to produce iPhone SE, followed by the production of iPhone XR and iPhone 11 in November 2019 and November 2020 respectively.  The Cupertino-based giant has been growing its manufacturing outlets over various countries in an attempt to lower its dependency on China. Apple has shifted almost 10% of its production capacity from China to India.