Apple Launches an Application to Track AirTags by Android Device

Feb, 2022 - by CMI

Android users now can control the AirTags by using the new application developed by Apple.

The AirTags is a device used to track down car keys, developed by Apple to work on an iOS device. Apple created this device only for their usual customer base in US and Europe. Later to widen the sale of AirTags, Apple has developed an Android application, which can be used to control the AirTag just like any other Apple device. This new application is known as ‘Tracker Detect’. The users can install this app on their android device, and be able to utilize the AirTags in their daily life.

Android users can able to install the application from Monday. This app instructs the users to scan to discover nearby AirTags with the location tracking feature of the device. Active AirTags in the area will show their presence in that application. The user has to assign their AirTag id to the application and later application tracks down the assigned device whenever the user needed it. The AirTag responds to the android application just as it responds to any iOS device.

The idea for this application originated after receiving complaints from users about not being able to use the AirTags after their iOS device has been misplaced or stolen. Sometimes users misplace their iPhone and AirTags at the same time. This situation causes most of the users to panic at the situation. For that situation, the user has to use an Android device to install the Tracker Detect application. After that, the user could track down their AirTags by using that android device.

After the launch of the Tracker Detect application, the market for AirTags will become large. For that, Apple has been offering AirTags for US$ 29 per unit and a combo of four-unit for US$ 99. With the wide userbase of Android and iOS devices, the market for AirTags will get a hike it needs.