Apple’s Need To Take In Certain Android Features By 2023

Jan, 2023 - by CMI

Many features which are present in Android like file manager, app sideloading and split-screen mode should be added in Apple.

The features that are available in Apple is unique in its own way .Still, certain good things requires time to time the much needed up gradation. The Android users prefer sticking to use their device since many features that are available on the Android phones are not found on the Apple. This is so because Apple likes to hold back in adapting Android features.

The most likely five features that Apple should adapt from Android can be-

Magic Eraser helps to erase off the unwanted images or even erasing a human being from a picture. With iOS 16, iPhones will also be able to clear off such things. The current Apple does not have this feature.

Split screen for apps- The multi-tasking in the Android is better in respect to other phones that are in comparison. Apple does have some multitasking improvement as in iPhone 14 Pro with Dynamic Island; still the option of opening two apps simultaneously on iPhone is not possible. The split screen multi-tasking should be brought into on large screen iPhones.

Uninstall system apps-Modern Android smartphone does not enables in removing or uninstalling certain Google apps and third party apps cannot be run on many Android iPhones. While Apple helps users to uninstall system apps and if iOS 17 is made to use, users will be able to remove system apps and also replace it with third party app.

App sideloading- Apple is unwillingly to accept this feature since it will affect its security aspect. If brought into effect, it will allow the users to have more power in enjoying apps and downloading games from outside app stores.

Better file manager- iPhones have less capabilities of the files app in comparison to Android users. Users are unable to access the contents that are stored on iPhones from other PC and laptops. Better file managing will help the users to share content more easily.