Aston Martin Reveals Valhalla Hybrid Supercar

Aug, 2021 - by CMI


The supercar Valhalla includes 3 engines that integrate 950 hp, and leads the way from Aston Martin’s hypercar Valkyrie in the context of aerodynamics.

Aston Martin officially revealed its prototype of the medium range Valhalla, after devoting a few years in tormenting the enthusiasts with codenames, clips of the Silverstone and silhouettes. The 950 hp double door hybrid is powered by the most powerful V8 engine ever installed in an Aston Martin, and it is also a part of an unnerving powertrain that the carmaker claims will allow to circuit the Nürburgring in less than six minutes. With regard to aerodynamics, Valhalla leads the Valkyrie hypercar of Aston Martin which was based on carbon fiber chassis and was inspired by the F1.

The Valhalla’s prototype model for humongous down force and monumental speed arises from 0-62 mph in 2.5 seconds and it is now completely ready for the manufacturing process. The PHEV powertrain is made up of a trio of engines led by a 4.0 liter, twin turbo V8 middle mounted turbo that is capable of delivering 750 hp on the back wheels. This vehicle is backed up by a couple of 204-PS electric engines bumping this overall energy output up to 950 hp and sending power straight to the front chassis when powered in EV mode, which provides a significant speed of about 80 mph. other driving components transmitted multiple energy voltages among both the front and back based on the requirements of the driver.

The motor is linked to an 8-speedDCT gearbox, constructed for the hybrid era around the paddle shift gearbox. It eliminates the conventional reverse gear for the so called motion, which saves mass on electric engines and offers an e-differential for enhanced momentum and rear managing. Additional characteristics of this vehicle includes 21 inch back and 20 inch front customized Michelin tyres, complete LED matrix headlamp and driver assist tech including blind spot surveillance, forward crash caution and emergency braking. This vehicle will be made available in both the left and right hand variants, says Aston Martin.