Astronomers Explore a Cluster of Almost 70 Planets

Mar, 2022 - by CMI

The cluster of 70 rouge planets has been found by Astronomers, 420 lightyears away from the Solar system.

The void between the solar system and the black hole on the horizon is a field with several astral bodies. In this void region, astronomers discovered a cluster of at least 70 planets. These planetary bodies are supposed to be the size of Jupiter. Scientists are not yet able to discover the center of the trajectory of these planets. The reports indicate that these planets are orbiting around themselves, instead of a star of their own.

The report on the discovery has been published in the Journal Nature Astronomy on Wednesday. The cluster has been allocated between the Ophiuchus constellation and the Upper Scorpius constellation. The scientists claim that these planets do not have a particular sunrise and sunset or any climate change. The researchers are not sure about the life system around these planets. Some of the researchers predict that these planets are kicked out of their planetary system. Some suspect these planets are formed by a collision in the minor gas clouds.

The project head at the Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Bordeaux, France, astronomer Hervey Bouy stated that there might be billions of the rouge planetary bodies present in the deep space, wandering around the galaxies without a central star source. The discovery of these planetary bodies has come as a surprise to the astronomic team. They have been pinpointing these rogue planets without the central star. Dr. Bouy also stated that without the anchor star, these planets have a lack of illumination on the surface. This makes pinpointing the exact location of the planet hard.

The data regarding these planets have been collected from the telescope operated by the European Southern Observatory. The observatory operates a visible infrared surveillance telescope to pinpoint the cluster. The collection has been sent out to other observatories across the world for research.