Autophagy can Regulate Diabetic Mechanism

Jun, 2021 - by CMI


Human body contains a specific protein called Beclin 1 or Becn1, which function in the promotion of the autophagy.

Some of the human body functions are very much unique in its action. One of them is Autophagy. The term means “Eating of Self”. This self-degradation mechanism present helps in maintaining metabolic homeostasis, in response to various type of stresses. The mechanism is also effective in preventing mis-folding of the several protein molecules as well destruction of damaged cells and organelles. It also plays an important role to clear several intra-cellular pathogens. Thus making it one of the most important process for body’s survival.

From a recent discovery published in cell reports by the Northwestern medicine study, Autophagy can be alleged used to treat diabetes as it could be implemented in the breakdown of fat particle, which might be the cause of the disease.

The protein stimulates the cell related to insulin by a pathway that involves the production of a hormone adiponectin. From the above mechanism, researchers assumed that presence of a mimic protein, acting as an enhancer to the function of the hormone adiponectin, can cause most potent therapeutic outcome against the disease diabetes.

The protein Beclin1 gets activated in a normal, healthy human being during stress, regarding lack of oxygen or any kind of nutritional stress. Protein activation triggers the autophagic mechanism thereby recycling malfunctioning cellular structures. Thus diffusing all the stressors.

To the study this pathway of the protein action, the team of researchers studied, a genetically engineered mice containing mutant Beclin1. They found astonishing result in regard to delayed aging and also improved functioning of heart and kidney. The Beclin1 enhanced mice also showed enhanced level of adiponectin, helping it to activate AMPK pathway. This pathway regulates a knock out mechanism for the adiponectin mechanism, thereby causing subsequent stimulation to the insulin response.

Fat cells, are the most likely target of the autophagic mechanism in regard to insulin metabolism. Activation of Autophagy either by exercise or intermittent fasting can be very much beneficial for the body. Although further studies are required to understand the insulin resistance in case of diabetic patients.