BMW’s Launches New Electric Vehicle

Jul, 2021 - by CMI


CE 04 offers a 60.6-Ah Li-ion battery that lasts up to 130km and a 120 km/h high speed engine that works on a fluid cooling technology.

The futuristic Concept Link electric scooter by BMW Motorrad, which was introduced back in 2017, has been launched. The CE 04 mold breaker has a maximum speed of 120km/h and a range up to 130km/charge and a wide array of upgrades is possible to. This EV is definitely not the Vespa Electric clone. The design team of BMW started mainly with a blank sheet and had plenty of freedom to walk around. The manufacturing model CE 04 is assembled around a single cylindrical steel frame that offers sporty, perhaps even threatening, street performance and rocks a modernized, almost si-fi aesthetical with multiple outlooks, appearances and large wheelbase.

It is white with a black accent in standard shapes, offering an upgrade option with a metallic grey and orange combination. Behind a unique orange shell, a generous 10.25 inch TFT color display can act as a map and instrument navigation portal. The motorcyclist resides on a hollowed ‘floating’ position and the oddity remains with a down the sides flip door to place the helmet in the middle of both the riders. Extra storage chambers are installed with boxes that can charge a mobile phone via the USB cable. The fluid cooled electrical vehicle’s motor is placed between li-lions and the rear wheel, with a maximum power of 15 kW (20hp), but it is optimally 31 kW (42hp) for a zip standing at a time of 2.6 seconds at 50 km/h (32mph).

It takes 4 hours and 20 minutes to charge it completely on home socket. An intelligent park with an inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity which communicates with the Mobile Motorrad Connected Apps and features back and sleeve lights are available. Sao Paulo, a jet helmet with a long visor and an installed sun shield, will also be available as an additional accessory. In the US the pricing is expected to start from U.S. $12,000 and in Europe the pricing might start at the cost of £12,000.