Bugatti Combines With Rimac To Announce The Hybrid/Electric Future

Jul, 2021 - by CMI


Bugatti Rimac would be 55 % owned through Rimac Group, and the other 45% possessed by Porsche.

After days of rumors, blockbuster business of hypercar’s deal of this decade is official now: storied car brand Bugatti, having its history of 112 years for ultra-exclusive auto-making, is now owned majorly by the Croatian 12-year-old electric hypercar company Rimac Automobili.

Under this deal’s terms announced recently, a fresh company is created, named as Bugatti Rimac. Though it isn't the most creative name in the world, however it is quite clear for why they stayed away from Rimatti or Bumac. Volkswagen did thoroughly revived the brand of Bugatti under its management, and now it is passing this torch to the wunderkind EV genius Croatian Mate Rimac since it’s the dawn of an electric era.

Bugatti Rimac would be 55 % owned through Rimac Group, and the other 45% possessed by Porsche. The Mate Rimac would be the CEO, and the new entity would own both Rimac Automobili and Bugatti Automobiles. Both companies would go on having their own distribution networks and plants. Bugatti will continue the manufacturing of its current series, containing the Chiron, and while the upcoming products would be definitely fusions of Rimac DNA and Bugatti, Top Gear states that combustion engine would live on within upcoming hybrid Bugattis along with completely electric cars – where Rimac won't confine Bugatti just at the realm of hypercar, hinting that this brand might magnify back to the realm of ultra-luxury too in the near future.

Rimac Group is even splitting out the business of EV technology to a latest, fully independent body called as Rimac Technology that will continue selling powertrain, infotainment, e-axle, battery, connectivity along with other technologies designed for Nevera hypercars to the other manufacturers, such as Porsche, Koenigsegg, Aston Martin, Hyundai, Pininfarina among others.