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Bullet-Like Concept Car From Pininfarina Reshapes The Electric Driving

Aug, 2021

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The concept car which is VR-crafted fills out the novel pod-like body through its convertible interior

Pininfarina have come up with the brand-new Teorema that reshapes the automotive interior and exterior packaging for the more comfortable self-driving all-electric future. The concept car which is VR-crafted fills out the novel pod-like body through its convertible interior which nearly most comfortable like a camper.

Auto companies are often seen to rave about all the creative probabilities invited by self-driving and electric technologies, only for ending up the churn out of the same old vehicle styles and shapes for decades. That is the direction where the Pininfarina along with Teorema moves. This concept's rounded, smooth body that looks more like a latest capsule of Hyperloop rather than the traditional car. Its exterior might draw the majority attention, however it is the interior which lays the base for this entire concept. Beginning with the major advantages of the all-electric idea —decentralized powertrain, compact, and open, flat floor — designers of Pininfarina in Shanghai  and Cambiano worked for creating a layout which has more home-like ambiance inside in advance to penning the body surrounding it.

The experience of Teorema begins just previous to its entry, when the central panel within glass canopy slides open and the whole shell of rear body swings forward and up, allowing occupants for walking aboard just like walking through a house doorway. Furthermore to the projectile-like shape along with dramatic Kamm tail, Teorema includes venting of full-body for cutting drag and improving aero performance. Its front fender channels direct air across the tires whereas channels of longer side lets it flow through flanks. Teorema was entirely created with virtual reality, however it must be thought, the team of Pininfarina is absolutely eager to run the ducted, sleek body via wind tunnel, hence perhaps a more concrete version will be showing up down this line.

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