By 2025, Bisleri Wants To Achieve Sustainability Goals.

Jun, 2023 - by CMI

By 2025, Bisleri International hopes to have achieved its sustainability goals for water conservation and plastic recycling.

Bisleri International, one of India's biggest mineral water brands, recently declared ambitious sustainability goals to address the concerns of plastic waste and water conservation. The corporation intends to meet these targets by 2025.

The announcement comes at a critical juncture in the world's plastic waste and water scarcity crises. Bisleri International has recognized the necessity for a long-term approach to addressing these issues and has made it a priority to set the standard for sustainable operations.

The company has set a lofty aim of eliminating all plastic waste by 2025, which involves collecting and recycling all plastic bottles used for Bisleri products. The corporation has already made great headway in this direction, launching a number of measures to minimize its plastic waste footprint. Bisleri has also created a campaign called 'Bottles for Change' to urge people to recycle and manage their garbage.

Bisleri International is similarly dedicated to water conservation, with a target of replenishing and conserving 100% of the water it consumes by 2025. The organization intends to accomplish this by employing sustainable and effective water management strategies. This will involve activities like collecting rainwater, recycling water, and implementing water-efficient technologies in its production facilities.

The business has already implemented a number of measures to lessen its water footprint, including adopting water management procedures, improving the effectiveness of its water use, and cutting back on water use in its production procedures.

A major milestone for Bisleri International, a pioneer in the mineral water sector for more than 50 years, is the introduction of these sustainability objectives. The business has always been dedicated to giving its customers high-quality mineral water products, but it has now gone above and beyond to make sure that these goods are also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

CEO of Bisleri International, Mr. Angelo George, said on the release, "Our long-term strategy depends on fulfilling our sustainability targets, and we are dedicated to doing so. We will keep working to lessen our impact on the environment and preserve our natural resources because we think it is our duty to contribute to a sustainable future."

The sustainability goals of Bisleri International are a blatant sign that the business is dedicated to not just producing high-quality goods but also to preserving the environment and improving society. By making this announcement, Bisleri has become an industry leader and made a big step toward a more sustainable future.